Tracks With Multiple Artists

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Sometimes, a release includes songs by more than one artist in one single track (one after the other - for mashups, see the mash-up guidelines). In most cases, it will be only two songs, one by each artist: just separate the titles with / ("Title 1 / Title 2") and use the artist credit system to make the artist also "Artist 1 / Artist 2".

Before we could do this, we used to store these with "Title 1 / Artist 2 - Title 2" as the title, and Artist 1 as artist. There is a list of a lot of places where this was done below, feel free to fix them and remove them from the list!

BEWARE: It is very well possible that some tracks on the releases listed below are actually mash-ups instead of tracks with multiple artists. This needs to be sorted out.

Tracks by Various Artists

Tracks by '/' separated artists

Both at the Same Time

Di tresette ce n'è uno tutti gli altri son nessuno