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Updating to MoinMoin 1.5


The MusicBrainzWiki is about to be updated to the current stable version of MoinMoin (1.5.x).
This page should track all issues that will be encountered in the migration, and discussion on the best way to fix them.

A testing instance of MoinMoin 1.5 is available at http://newwiki.musicbrainz.org.

The related ticket is 2320.


  • There are/may be a number of issues with the new style layout in MoinMoin. Having to bug a developer each time we have such a (probably trivial!) issue with a css file is not really practical, and its quite likely that more issues and adjustments needed will raise once the MB theme will be patched to work with 1.5.
    • List of known issues:
      • there no longer exist an elegant way to have TOCs floating on the right of the screen (see http://newwiki.musicbrainz.org/WikiWardening). We want to contact the wiki community, think about a (new) general style for TOCs, and hack the stylesheet so it fits our wishes
    • Problem is: having to bug a developer each time we have an issue with something in a .css file is not really practical for anybody. While on the other hand, we are ready to take on us the burden to draw a consensus from the community on "css-style" questions, and hack the stylesheets ourselves (dmppanda is competent, possibly others). Here's a crazy suggestion (not sure if it's feasible or not):
      • symlink stylesheets to wiki pages
      • ACL the wikipages so only the CssGroup can edit them
    • Additional benefit of this suggestion is that we could actually help in migrating the old theme -- dmppanda 15:11, 18 May 2007 (UTC)


  • change icons for interwiki and external links
  • update the MusicBrainz skin
    • remove the display of the WikiPage name to avoid recurrence with the page title (= Title =)
  • update / clean InterWiki table
    • check ticket 2705: interwiki syntax for MB source repository
    • check ticket 2625: interwiki syntax for localized wikipedias
  • check eventual regressions in transclusion of wikidocs

Low priority TODO

  • 1799 patch moin so it produces valid xhtml
  • 2760 typo when unsubscribing (isn't this an upstream bug?)


  • check the address obfuscation system Checkmark.png working
  • check cards behavior:
    • old cards are working as far as I can tell
    • I can't use the new syntax though. From macro/CardMacro I should be able to use parameters eg [[Card(Cards/WikiNavCard,test1)]]. See: http://newwiki.musicbrainz.org/Cards/ArtistHeader for a non-working example. Am I missing something? -- dmppanda 20:31, 02 May 2007 (UTC)
    • There seem to be multiple, incompatible "Card" macro plugins around, with misleading docs. Check out the page now... - DaveEvans
    • WFM! -- dmppanda 23:13, 17 May 2007 (UTC)
    • Attention.png The cards are working but the arguments separator is different: in current wiki we use '|', the test wiki uses ','. If the macro used is this one, the only thing to change is the parameter cardmacro_separator in wikiconfig.py. However we started to use macro very recently and I don't think we've a lot of macro with multiple arguments, so we take advantage of the MoinMoin update to decide to change the separator. -- murdos 20:42, 03 June 2007 (UTC)