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This page lists tools external to MusicBrainz that make editing or viewing data more convenient. This includes programs, scripts, reports, etc from various sources.

Editing tools

User scripts / GreaseMonkey / User javascripts / UserJS

See Guides/Userscripts for more information and a list of MusicBrainz userscripts.

Userscripts run in a users web browser and make on-the-fly local changes to specific web pages. In MusicBrainz they are generally used to change the display of pages, often facilitating editing.

For instance, a script may add functionalities to a MusicBrainz page, or shorten repetitive actions to only one click, and so on.


  • Bandcamp, Beatport, and Local File Parsers (with great assistance comes great responsibility). These parsers are meant to be run at the command line passing in either a URL (Bandcamp release, or Beatport release), or a directory with a set of files. The local file parsers run on all files in a directory with the same extension, and are intended to output a whole release, suitable for copying / pasting into the tracklist page's Track Parser. They are written in Perl, require at least Perl v5.10 and a differing set of Perl Modules based off the particular service. The local file parsers are currently format specific.

External sites

Valuable online databases

See Other Databases.

URI Wikipedia Entry Comments (reliability, etc)
http://www.discogs.com/ Discogs
http://allmusic.com/ Allmusic
http://en.wikipedia.org/ Wikipedia
http://amazon.fr Releases dates often wrong
http://amazon.de Often omits to mark imports as "[Import]"
http://www.metal-archives.com Encyclopaedia_Metallum
http://www.encyclopedisque.fr For French vinyls
http://www.lpdiscography.com/ Has dates, labels, and catalog numbers
https://rateyourmusic.com/ Rate_Your_Music Good for genres and formation date/place

About amazon's [Import] label not being trustworthy, here is the smoke-proof to check whether the IMPORT is bogus or not on .fr. Switch the tld to .de: http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00004UH7R

Check what they have as a label, in this case: Label: France (Megaphon Importservice) => it comes from france, and the [Import] is on .fr is bogus.

Access MusicBrainz using external APIs

See MusicBrainz API libraries