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Before adding an event, you should be logged in to your MusicBrainz account. Or, register if you haven't.


Did you just attend or heard about any event? You'll probably find that it's not yet in MusicBrainz. Once you're sure the event is not in the database, it's time to add it! For that, select Add Event in the Editing menu in the top bar:


This will take you to the add Event page.

Basic Information

On the add Event page, you should see a form like this:

Event form.gif

  • The first box is for the Name of the event and is usually pretty straightforward. The name is the official name of the event if it has one. Or, you can enter a descriptive name (like "Singers At Beach") if there isn't any.

Name field Event.gif

  • The second box labelled 'Disambiguation' is important in differentiating this event from one with a similar name. If there is another event with the same name in MusicBrainz, you have to enter a comment in this box. It's best to write a short and useful description of the event. However, if there's no event with the same name, you may leave this blank.

Disambiguation Event1.png
Disambiguation Event2.png

  • The third box is for Type of the event. Currently, there are five types of event which are concert, festival, launch event, convention/expo and masterclass/clinic.

Type field Event.gif

  • The small fourth box, a cancelled checkbox is used when then event is cancelled. The cancelled field describes whether or not the event took place. So, instead of deleting the event when it is cancelled, you should select this.

Cancelled field Event.gif

  • The fifth box labelled Setlist stores a list of songs performed, optionally including links to artists and works. See the the setlist documentation for syntax and examples.

Setlist Event.png

Dates and Time

Next, there is the dates and time section:

Date Event.png
  • The begin and end dates indicate when an event started and finished. Dates are in the format of (Year-Month-Day).
  • Time denotes the start time of the event in the format of (Hours:Minutes).


Then, there is the Relationships section:

Relationships Event.png
  • This section is very important as it displays information about the event being held. Here, you can add information about the event venue, main performers, support acts and etc. For more information, see our specific guide about relationships.
Note:You must enter relationships to avoid the event being deleted within the next few days. If not, you'll get the following message:
No Relationships Event.png

External Links

After that, is a section for adding External Links.

External Links Event.png

  • As the name itself says, you can enter a valid url (e.g. related to the event.Take a look at the URL relationship guidelines before entering your first URL edit, and please try to always use full URLs and avoid redirects and URL shorteners (like

Edit Notes

Last but not least, the Edit Note section.

Edit Note Event.png

  • In this section, you have to describes where you obtain the information. It is highly recommended to enter edit notes as it encourages other users to vote on your edit. Not sure how to write edit notes? See the how to write edit notes for guidelines.


It's time to click on the Enter edit button. And, guess what? You just added a new event!

Enter edit Event.gif