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This page is meant to create a list of cases where a "cross-referencing" relationship would be useful.

This might be useful for

  • artists who record "solo" and with backing bands
  • artists who are so closely related, e.g. "Crosby, Still, Nash [and sometimes Young]"
  • releases that might best be listed in more than one release group
  • release groups that might best be listed under more than one artist

If a strong case can me made for this, I'll champion a proposal.

Please add your example with links and/or explanation.



  • Björk’s first album was released under the name Björk Guðmundsdóttir, but the latter needs to be kept around for relationships. The first album should be visible on Björk’s overview.
  • Maddy Prior and June Tabor collaborated first and then formed a band called Silly Sisters. They each also have fairly extensive solo careers. The band’s releases should appear on the overview of the solo artists.
  • The Tin Hat Trio changed their name to Tin Hat when they became a quartet.

Release Groups


I think "2 in 1" reissues should be listed in a "compilation" RG, but also under the RG of each earlier release.