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From the (pre-NGS) wiki page, " a Series is a sequence of separate Releases or Tracks with a common theme, artist, label or genre; usually prominent in the naming of branding of releases or tracks in the series."

What it might look like

The current thinking is that a Series would be an entity, displayed more or less the way a label is displayed.

Series (entity)
Maybe start/end dates derived from the first/last known releases?
Parts (release, release group, tracks or whatever), ordered either by explicit part number (e.g. "Volume 2"), or by release date (or catalog number?)
  1. The subject of the series, if any, which might be an artist or label
  2. Images (sticker or logo)
  3. URLs
    1. discogs (example. Note that this is just a repurposed "label" page)
    2. official site
    3. ?

In [mb-style], reosarevok started the discussion and outlined some UI elements, while monxton suggested a free text field for "Vol. 1" and such, I think for cases when it isn't part of the release title.

In the forums, Rovastar pointed to series-within-series and asked for the ability to nest them. Example: Series/Ministry_Of_Sound

What might be contained in a series

  • Traditional label-based Series, of course
  • Episodic broadcasts (podcasts, radio shows etc)
  • Recorded lectures, presentations etc
  • ?

Why a container for Release Groups isn't enough

  • Episodic broadcasts will presumably be standalone recordings
  • Some reissues are marked as part of a series, but should still be considered part of the original release group.
    Example: much of the Castle Collectors Series is made up of reissued studio albums. Even some of the compilations are also available outside of the series.




Prior discussions centered around a release-release sequential AR ( [Release A] is part of a series, the next part is [Release B]).

This approach isn't ideal because some series are quite large.


Should this be one type of a more general "container" entity?

Other possible container types could be:

I don't know. Would this address any of the issues in MBS-4450?