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pipe, flute, whistle and recorder:

(what is the difference?)

tambour, tambourine, and snaredrum, all this and more!

hindustani music

ngɔni: donso ngɔni, kamalen ngɔni, jeli ngɔni

Depending on the context, ngɔni may refer to one of these three instruments:

  • donso ngɔni -- six-stringed lute-harp from Wassoulou, West Africa, traditionally played by hunters
  • kamalen ngɔni -- modern derivative of the donso ngɔni, it comes with more strings and/or a different size
  • jeli ngɔni -- four-stringed lute from West Africa, traditionally played by griots

Warning, ngoni is often misused to designate any instrument close to one of the above, and conversely!


Pictures and details from an instrument maker:

Illustrated stamps featuring instruments of Mali: