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My true name is Frederic Da Vitoria (well, actually, it is Frédéric Da Vitoria, with the accents).

I have been a software developer since 1986. I generally work on databases, but I like to do things in other programming domains too. Music would probably have been my job if I had only followed my natural tendencies. So I am glad that MB offers me a way to mix my job and my passion.

My deepest emotions are with classical music, but I enjoy lots of musical works in pop and jazz too.

Classical Future

This page Classical Future tries to summarize as well as extend several discussions about what would help handling classical music in MB.

Releases which should probably be split

This page Split Candidates is a list of releases where the DiscIDs suggest that the releases should actually be split in two or more.

To do

Check Georges Brassens album types

Collaborate French Artists (missing artists, artists not linked although they are known by MB...) and Frogs Tidying Marathon

Check Jacques Loussier / Jacques Loussier Trio releases


All above is old, I must clean it some day.




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