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About me

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Languages: Greek, German, English, Dutch (If you need any help with any of the languages mentioned above or anything about greek music in general, feel free to contact me at any time)

My main editing and voting activity has to do with greek artists and releases since there are not so many people currently working on those but I generally work on almost all genres and artists (especially jazz, rock and generally experimental music).

I also try to add as many ARs as possible when I add new releases.

To do list

  • Get working on adding/fixing the discography and ARs for Μίκης Θεοδωράκης which is currently quite a mess. I need to find a good source of information for this.
  • Clean up, add works, ARs and add any missing releases in John Zorn's discography.
  • Add the rest of the 7" releases for Μάρκος Βαμβακάρης with all the proper release events and ARs. The main source for this is the Rembetiko Wiki and a collector's excel sheet.
  • Get started on adding more rembetiko (non compilation) releases/singles with their proper ARs.

Label catalogues that I need to finish adding

(Just greek ones for now)

My long term goal is to eventually have the complete catalogue of Lyra in the database which will probably never happen but I will try my best to find a good source for this. Other than that I really need to looking into the whole EMI Greece / Μίνως / Minos-EMI situation.

Labels that I need more information on

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