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Random notes

Splitting areas of responsibility

How to handle superpositions?

Editor documentation:

  • CategoryArtist
  • CategoryRelease
  • CategoryTrack
  • CategoryAnnotation
  • CategoryLabel
  •  !CategoryFAQ and (?) CategoryHowTo
  • CategoryAdvancedRelationships (crosses other categories?)
  • CategoryEditing (superset edittypes?)
  • Styleguidelines?


  • CategoryProducts

Developers stuff:

  • CategoryDeveloperDocumentation


  • routine: maintain future and history pages for each region (eg: Artist to Label), listing outstanding issues and proposed enhancements
  • resolve: promote the resolution of outstanding style issues through RFC/RFV style process
  • evolve: complete the documentation by adding new needed pages and extending stubs
  • prepare release: implement the various release objectives for the given region
  • release: update the transclusion table for the region (more transclusion editors, or less?)


Design, enhancement...

Wiki Wardens

Regular work

  • CategoryHistory
  • OrphanedPages
  • WikiTags
  • Keep new pages incoming flow categorized
  • Keep Categories manageable
  • Keep triaging between NGS/Stale/WIP/History/Deleted
  • Big mess redux [[FullSearch(* -linkto:CategoryHistory -linkto:CategoryPerson -linkto:CategoryEditTypes -linkto:CategoryLabel -linkto:CategoryArtist -linkto:CategoryAdvancedRelationships -linkto:CategoryStyle -linkto:CategoryHowTo -linkto:CategoryRelationshipClasses -linkto:CategoryAnnotation -linkto:CategoryFAQ -linkto:CategoryIdentifier -linkto:CategoryRelationshipType -linkto:CategoryCategory -linkto:CategoryPicard -linkto:CategoryCommunicationForum -linkto:CategoryWiki)]]

Maintaining doc pages about the wiki

Maintaining doc pages about the documentation

Everything else in WikiWardening