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Alexander Dupuy

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Alex organized the MusicBrainz StyleCouncil, responsible for editing the style guidelines used by moderators when entering and updating the data in MusicBrainz. He led an effort to correct the many foreign language entries that were misencoded, and largely as a result is one of our top editors. Although there is no official top-20 list for this, for a while, Alex was the moderator with the most subscribed artists (> 2100) (the vast majority being InternationalArtists).
Having worked for many years as a researcher in networks at Columbia University (his e-mail address there is over 20 years old), Alex has spent most of the last decade as a network programmer at a number of start-ups in the WFMU listening area (a.k.a. New York City), except for a few years living in the Guatemalan town of Todos Santos. Despite his programming background, Alex has somehow managed to avoid writing a single line of code for MusicBrainz in any of the innumerable hours he has spent working on MusicBrainz projects.
Alex is interested in all kinds of music from around the world, and his hobbies include linguistics and internationalization. He has studied Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish and Mam Maya; and is somewhat fluent in the first three, but can only puzzle out bits in the rest.