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Style for PartNumbers

Alert.png Attention! This guideline is specific to Part numbering. General rules for appending numbering to a title are found in SeriesNumberStyle.

When a track is one of a series of identically named tracks with a defined order, separate the PartNumber from the TrackTitle by a comma and a space.

"TrackTitle, Part 1"

"TrackTitle, Part 1: PartName"

When multiple parts are contained within the same track, pluralise 'Parts', and arrange as follows:

"TrackTitle, Parts 1 & 2" -- Two numbers are noted using space, ampersand, space

"TrackTitle, Parts 1-3" -- More than 2 numbers, which are in sequence are separated by a dash

"TrackTitle, Parts 1-3, 5" -- A comma and a space to separate combinations of the above

"TrackTitle, Parts 1-3, 5 & 6"

This guideline is a specification of the more general SeriesNumberStyle. See that page for principles (especially in which cases ArtistIntent overrides this guideline).

Alternative names for parts may be used, such as Section, or their non-English equivalents.

  • If the PartNumber already contains a dash and you also want to show a range, add spaces around the range dash to disambiguate it, e.g. "Parts 1-1 - 1-3"
  • Note that if the title of a track is just "Part 1" or similar then this guideline should not apply, because then "Part 1" is considered being the MainTitle of the track and not the PartNumber.
  • Also note that the AbbreviationStyle says that you should not use abbreviations in titles. So "Pt." should always be expanded to "Part" (assuming the ReleaseLanguage is English).
  • Also note that the PartName must be formatted according to SubTitleStyle.


"Flares, Part 3"

"09-15-00, Part One"

"Creepin', Parts 1 & 2"

"Train to Lamy Suite, Parts 1-3"


Please see SeriesNumberStyle for details.