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A TOC could be built from acoustIDs with a simple list…

{ index => acoustID }

So a complete acoustID-TOC would look something like this

{ 01 => 1b6f48e9-f318-4674-90a1-4299ddc4c9e1,
  02 => ce741843-aa44-4abe-a6e6-bc36fc8b94c6,
  03 => 86c9a132-72ac-42e0-a4fc-eacdcfcba2f3,
  04 => 416d8a93-5a33-4bba-9b96-171856e95c5a,
  05 => edf50881-4927-4635-ac43-28ab51d000dc,
  06 => 93a30489-2cdb-467b-a4b3-632062f2de16,
  07 => 27fdd97d-695c-4564-a538-91664b9c0091,
  08 => 7bd211f3-c323-4658-b20c-ded602639400,
  09 => 5dc2bb66-e01d-4a6e-afbc-e842bd3fbf3e,
  10 => 56d82971-7206-4000-ad48-1f3f6bba34a5,
  11 => 35409bd7-4d10-4db1-9c9e-98b7f6fed597,
  12 => c186f09b-db28-4fd4-8d15-2c4c8b24b9cb,
  13 => 6fc1c15a-9357-4d8a-9dce-b706324f28f7,
  14 => 4f07962f-0e88-4231-9da6-d1ad89e20506,
  15 => 7feba6f4-73b0-4072-87f2-d267812529b5,
  16 => b9946c38-f439-4906-873b-b332811a0c42,
  17 => 6a5fe000-66a3-424b-a6bf-972738fc2a16,
  18 => a7301431-dd59-4e58-83e3-120fe3219467,

  19 => a72bac67-83a7-4044-a292-6257cad926f2,
  20 => 48ccdac1-ab1d-47df-8c30-c71fd188fc17,
  21 => 9175b8a3-769c-45ae-b82a-4c3ddfde90df,
  22 => 39e120ca-3e1a-4d65-99ed-7887dd6577fb,
  23 => e2394dd7-06b2-499c-ab0e-4a638f039f77,
  24 => 9d4a1d88-d17c-4f84-ad27-c7e922f6a797,

  25 => 8b08ff86-6ecf-4057-92cb-0efa5f451767

Note that the 'index' is *not* anything to do with the physical medium, i.e. index 1 above is not track 1 of a CD. It’s only for ordering; the query is, “what releases have the above fingerprints, in the above order?”. The index is necessary in case one of the recordings is skipped.


Track order

How to normalize multi-part releases? Many releases will need ordering standardized:

It’s necessary to make sure that the titles are always in the same order, and that audio tracks are also always in the same order (e.g. LPCM stereo tracks consistently before or after AC3 5.1, etc.).
Needs the side-order standardized: DVD first or CD first? (DVD side also has the considerations above).
what order for any music contained on the data track? before or after the Redbook data?
How can this work with medium ordering, for discs that are intended to be stackable (mediums have track order like 1/8, 2/7, 3/6, 4/5)

On the other hand, is it even necessary to have the order to do a reasonable query? Or is it sufficient to query for “which releases have these acoustIDs?”


This is entirely incompatible and backwards with the way current CD rippers work. There is no way to do this lookup without the audio rip happening first. Rippers would have to do the rip first, and then tag based on the results. On the plus side: with CD on the way out, and with no DVD rippers even trying to do an automatic tracklist query, this is sometimes what happens anyway…