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As, you may have noticed, I sometimes do a lot of edits in a short time. This is because I run reports on the MusicBrainz database, combining it with other data sources, and use an automated way to contribute high-certainty data to MusicBrainz. My goal is to reduce the amount of pure data-copying edits, and let our editors focus on edits that require judgement and creativity.

Currently I'm focusing on adding ARs based on data taken from the public domain Discogs repository. Though a secondary source, the quality is overall quite good and the collection is extensive. This will take some time to get right. After that though, there are several sources that I'm looking at for a next project, such as bringing in authoritative data from label websites. If you have any ideas, please do contact me.

More information

  • My talk page, where discussion takes place about the approach and any problems are signaled.
  • The list of open edits. I check these manually afterwards, which is the biggest limiting factor in the editing speed. It's a great help if you vote on these.
  • The source code is a good starting point if you know the details about all the quality control rules that are included in the reports and scripts.