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Taped music in concerts

When a concert track features BGM (taped studio music / SE) and we hear the audience (live) either singing, shouting ENCORE, applause, yelling, etc. or artist MC (live too).

Recording live attribute

The recording itself is a live recording (the audience, the MC — for video recordings, even with nothing heard, we may see live footage from that date or another date).

There is no such thing in MB as a live recording attribute. So for this we can use the recording comment (example).

Recording (begin/end) dates attribute

A (live or not) recording was recorded on some date. we can consider that the tape is not the main recording, the live take is the main recording. The BGM can be considered as a sample in a rap tune or something. So we do mark down the main recording date.

There is no such thing in MB as a (begin/end) date recording attribute. So for this we can use the recording comment (examples).

There are indirect ways of having the date as an attribute of some logical thing too. place relationship or artist perform or vocal relationship.

The recording of a performance of a work

Relationship Types / Recording-Work / Performance says

  • « live : This indicates that the recording is of a live performance. »
  • « Use the "live" attribute when the performance had an audience at the time it occurred, i.e. was not prerecorded. »

We don’t store audience screaming, etc. as works in MB. We can store MC texts as we do for poem works and maybe it is already done.

BGM is often an already existing and catalogued recording. A recording that has its own recording (live or not) dates in the past.

The dates and live attributes that appear in work page are hold by the relationship between a recording and that work.

So the relationship between the text work and the concert recording’s MC will hold the live attribute and the begin/end dates of the concert.

When we are on a work page, we might be looking for a live performance of this work, for instance. We don’t want to be fooled that there is a live take of this work that we don’t already own. It would make us buy unnecessary CD for instance, before realising we have been fooled by a misplaced attribute.

So the relationship between the taped work (the BGM work) and the concert recording should hold the same attributes (live/dates) as the actual recording (it usually comes from a studio record).

For the same reason as it would look awkward to see a long dead violinist play live in a David Bowie concert, the relationship between the live recording that contains an older recording and the artists performing in that BGM must hold the same attributes as the original recording of the BGM.