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Don't forget to sign/date your posts. Also, if your suggestion is already listed, add your name to the request so I know how popular each is.

  • Add a second column of checkboxes in artist release view. If box is checked, highlight the row ( the for that release). Save those that are highlighted in persistant variables. This way, when we work on cleaning up an artist, as we finish each release, we can mark it as cleaned - easier to distinguish which ones have or haven't been worked on yet. -- BrianSchweitzer 01:49, 19 August 2007 (UTC)
  • Add the text box edit style to inline voting and single edit view
  • "Frequently used voting phrases" buttons for voting:
  • Suggestions:
    • * Please provide a link to a website where we can verify this release. A link that verifies the tracklist would be great. Thanks!
    • * Please set the language and/or script for this release, if you can.
    • * Please set the type and/or status for this release, if you can.
    • * Could you maybe find another verification site? Daz/Tagtuner draws all of its data directly from the freedb database.
    • * Over a week and still no response.
    • * Please remember to use "Guess Case".
  • Column buttons for "All Yes", "All Abstain", "All No Vote". ("All No" is probably a bad idea...) Checkmark.png done, contact me for the script
  • I don't think such a script should be (and should have been) published since it could have some dangerous fallout: think about some vengeful voting of an editor if its edits have been nitpicked, or for someone who want to increase its voting rate (EditorRating) and so vote without checking... :( -- murdos 06:36, 18 June 2007 (UTC)
    • @murdos: I don't think this script is enabling people to do anything that they couldn't have done already. If someone really wants to do vengeful voting or voting without any sort of checking, they aren't going to let individual clicking for each vote stop them from doing so. This script is just meant as a slight convenience for initially setting all votes to some initial value that can then be tweaked on an individual basis as needed. -- Jugdish 06:45, 18 June 2007 (UTC)
      • Sure, this script is not enabling people to do anything that they couldn't have done already. But it provides a slight convenience to do it massively and faster :p That's why I think this is dangerous. -- murdos 08:39, 18 June 2007 (UTC)
        • I agree, it does, but that's a universal fact for any convenience script. Anything which allows responsible people to do many beneficial things with ease also allows irresponsible people to do many harmful things with ease. But I don't think that should mean we never write convenience scripts. -- Jugdish 08:45, 18 June 2007 (UTC)
          • I don't say such scripts should not be written. I say they should not be published or should be distributed carefully to trustful editors. I've myself written some months ago a similar script for a specific need (to help drsaunde reverts its quality edits) but I've chosen to not publish it. -- murdos 09:13, 18 June 2007 (UTC)
            • Oh I see your point. Fair enough, I've removed the script from and will only supply it with discretion. -- Jugdish 09:18, 18 June 2007 (UTC)
  • Wraparound edit listings, to see more than 25 edits at a time (50, 75, 100, whatever).
  • Some sort of "heads up" indicator for the most common errors:
    • ASIN in the cat # field
    • CD release w/release date prior to 1980 (or whatever the exact date was)
    • Future release dates
    • Pseudo-releases
    • Heads up that release date is the Amazon "we don't know" date (I forget what date that is - anyone able to edit it in here?)
  • This one's only if you're really looking for a challenge... but we'll love you if you can pull it off!  ;)
  • Using GM_setValue (or however else would be best to do it), add several text boxes under the release events field for add release edits. On the submit screen, paste them into the text field. Then once the release is created, auto-open a webpage tab per filled in field, auto-populating the URL(s) into the "Add URL as relationship" screen for that new release, just waiting to be submitted.
    • * One for Amazon link.
    • * One for Discogs
    • * One for Wiki
    • * One for Coverart
    • * These only will work if the AR via mbid submit bug gets fixed I think, unless the drop-down lookup lets you bypass that problem...
    • ** One for Release performer AR (Maybe 2 side by side would be better for most situations)
    • ** One for Release composer AR (Maybe 2 side by side would be better for most situations)
  • Productivity improvements for fixing track attribution of disambiguated artists. My usual flow is:
    1. Open main artist that has many releases or tracks needing correct attribution.
    2. Show all releases, full view.
    3. Go down page open new windows/tabs for each track needing change artist being done on it. The bulk of the work is for individual tracks for VA compilations; I'm ignoring full releases here, as move release can be batched anyway.
    4. Work through tabs clicking "Change artist", selecting artist, etc.

My idea for a script making this easier (I think should work within current flow?) would be:

    1. On All releases, full view, add a checkbox somewhere for "Enable bulk VA change track artist". When ticked, it puts checkboxes beside every VA track with the current artist view's MBID/name.
    2. User selects tracks he/she wants to "Change track artist" on.
    3. Script has added a "Artist to change to" box using the "Relate to..." AJAX thingy used in relationships, probably close to the "Enable bulk..." option selected above.
    4. Here's where it might be complicated. Ideally you could enter an edit note for all of the changes, click a "Go" button and the script would create and submit edits in sequence immediately. If that's not possible, even being able to open an edit screen for each track in like 20 tabs, pre-populated (with or without edit note) would save much time.

-- voiceinsideyou 09:01, 29 January 2008 (UTC)