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A MB moderator from the Finnish equivalent of Chicago, Lahti. I'm twenty-something years old, I have long hair and I occasionally wear eyeglasses.

I play in a couple of bands, ranging from dadaist noise performances to punk, and am quite active in the Finnish punk scene.

I mostly concentrate on entries about punk, occasionally toying around with other stuff too.

Currently working with

  • Managing (usually) Finnish punk entries.
  • Entering/fine-tuning Finnish punk albums.
  • Keeping a keen eye on all Finnish additions
  • Trying to bring some sense and consistency to Godspeed You! Black Emperor & Silver Mt. Zion live bootlegs
  • Finnish translation for MusicBrainz Picard at Launchpad, a wiki page is over here

Placeholder links for my personal use (since I'm too lazy to bookmark them)

Slowly but steadily building complete release discographies for

Whenever a proper AR for "band changed name A to name B" is introduced:

  • Angelin tytöt -> Angelit
  • DisCo. -> Disco ensemble
  • Speedapple -> Unkind
  • SA Int -> Insaint -> SA Int
  • Appendix -> Aktion
  • Holy Dolls -> Pyhät Nuket -> Nuket
  • Wolfpack -> Wolfbrigade
  • SS-20 -> Dezerter
  • Cadgers -> Riistetyt