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keschte-official.jpg Stefan Kestenholz [ MB: keschte | IRC: keschte | Wiki: Keschte | g0llum | Web ]
Stefan Kestenholz, better known to brainzers as Keschte (g0llum before 05/2006), is one of the major contributors to the MusicBrainz Server, and has found his way from improving the JavaScript parts of the server to do the occasional <%perl> line, even if that is not a language he is too knowledgeable in.
His skills can best be described as wanderer of two worlds, the visual presentation as well as the nitty gritty details of software engineering. He is happy if he can invest his energy into applications which are not only useable and cool, but also good-looking. After a degree in Computer Science at the Fachhochschule Biel (Switzerland), he first worked at the R&D unit of Swisscom, the largest telecom provider in Switzerland, polished up his skills in rapid prototyping, and noteably developing Flash applications. Since 02/2006, he shifted perspective again to real programming work, and joined a small company doing the exact opposite of what open source stands for: Database and Business Intelligence integration on Microsoft .NET technologies.