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Status: This page describes a failed proposal. It is not official, and should only be used, if at all, as the basis for a new proposal.

Proposal number: RFC-Unassigned
Champion: None
Status: Failed, due to Officially closed as Abandoned, March 24, 2010
This proposal was not tracked in Trac.


This is a proposal to add many features to the basic subscriptions, with the goal of getting more people to vote. The first thing to do to get more voting going on is to make it obvious that voting is expected from active users of the site, for this I propose a clearly visible voting ratio indicator. The next step is to make it easy for users to target exactly those edits they would be interested in voting on, I call this Areas of Interest.


It is important for musicbrainz that every edit being made is looked at by atleast one user other than the editor themselves, preferably more.

To make users aware of their own role in this, the sidebar on the musicbrainz site should always show the edit/vote ratio for a logged in user (more on this below). If neccesary, the nagging system can be used to occasionally nag users with a low ratio.

Areas of Interest

There are many different kinds of edits to vote on, just subscribing to artists and editors is nowhere near good enough. So, editors need to be able to specify in some detail what kind of stuff they want to vote on.

Here are some examples of edits I can imagine people might want to search for:

  • Open add release edits of Japanese releases with missing catalog #s.
  • Open add release edits of Compilations released in the Netherlands between 1960 and 1980.
  • Any week-old edits made to Korean language releases which have not recieved any vote yet.
  • Any edit made to releases tagged with 'jazz', or to releases where any of the artists (release, track or through ARs) is tagged 'jazz'.
  • Change annotation edits of releases released by label 'Warp Records'.
  • Add 'track A is remix of track B' AR edits where track A has (possibly pending) 'remixed by' AR with artist 'Richard D James' or any of his performance names or any bands/collaborations he is a member of.
  • Any release title or track title edit (including change case autoedits but not other autoedits) made by editor X
  • Any day-old add-release edits of releases in japanese/latin which currently do not have a 'is a trans(liter)ated version of' AR.
  • All Change Data Quality edits for releases with a release date in the future.

Some of these examples are a bit contrived, but they illustrute the flexibility which users might want in defining an AreaOfInterest.

Status screen

The subscription mail is a good way to get notified that there is stuff to vote on (an RSS feed could provide a similar notification system). But the information in the mail is always outdated by the time you read it, so something like a status screen with similar info -- but realtime, would be nice.

I would like a voting screen where the areas of interest I have configured in some way are listed, in the order I have chosen. Each of them would get its own line on the list, displaying the # of open edits for that area of interest and a description. A user can choose to vote on all these open edits, or click on one of the areas of interest to vote only on those edits.

The screen could also use a Catch up button, which just empties out all voting recommendations except perhaps new edits made today. Good for catching up after being away from MB for a while.

Notification box

A box in the sidebar or elsewhere on the site should always be visible to each logged in user, which clearly displays the current edit/vote ratio for the user. Beneath it the total # of pending edits in his/her areas of interest should be displayed. Clicking on either the ratio or # of ending edits will take the user to the status screen.

If the user has no pending edits but still has a bad ratio, perhaps offer some predefined areas of interest they can easily enable, e.g.

  • Any edit to releases by artists which the user has added or has added releases too.

And/or allow them to define one or more areas of interest through some easy to use interface (this will need some thought ;).


An interesting idea from Brianfreud, I'll quote him verbatim for now (#musicbrainz, 2008-02-17):

12:49 < brianfreud> my sense is, liner credits should more be like a - and I don't suggest this, only the basic concept - "you're about to tag release foo in picard. Would you happen to have the CD handy, and be able to check on these credits in your liner?"


  • The Area of Interest examples are contrived, I need to record some use cases users actually want to search for (send suggestions to me, kuno).


Feel free to discuss this topic here or on the appropriate mailinglist (e.g. mb-user).

Edit/vote ratio

I generally consider this a good idea, but it will be important how the ratio is defined and how edits and votes are weighted. Given the fact that we need 3 votes per edit it should perhaps require 3 more votes than edits. -- OutsideContext

As brianfreud mentioned on irc, it should possibly be a sliding window. e.g. the vote / edit ratio over the last 30 days or something, with the absolute ratio since joining also visible on the voting status screen, but not in the sidebar. --kuno.

Areas of Interest

  • All edits regarding Jamendo releases (identified either by a CC license link, a free download link or the label "Jamendo")
  • All releases I own (this is maybe more the subscribe to release feature)
  • All "add cover art AR" edits (or any other specific AR edits)
  • All edits adding/editing release events for NotYetReleasedReleases

-- OutsideContext

  • Name change edits in which the character script set is being changed, esp. if it's changing to Latin from anything else.
  • Overlapping edits - Edits which do the same type of edit to the same object. (Same track being renamed twice, etc.)
  • Advanced AR searching - find all "Add/Edit coverart AR" edits, etc, rather than just all AR edits.
  • Both sides of an AR triggering a match ("John was a member of the Beatles" ought to trigger on John and the Beatles, not just John.)
  • Edits voted on by 2+ editors. (Currently can only search by 1 editor, would be nice to be able to cross-compare voters (edits John and Bill both voted on, edits James and Tammy both voted yes on, etc.)
  • Add edits of specific types. (All Soundtrack add edits, all Arabic script add edits, all promo add edits, all bootleg add edits, all French & bootleg & soundtrack add edits, etc.)
  • Add edits of specifically excluded types. (All non-Latin add edits, all non-English & non-bootleg add edits, etc.)
  • The ability to flag edits - I may not be a jazz expert, an expert on Norwegian, or a classical expert, or whatever, but I can recognize them when I see them. Would be nice to be able to flag them as such. Then the ability to subscribe to those flags, so I could subscribe to the classical flag and catch those as the edits are happening.

-- BrianSchweitzer 19:10, 20 January 2008 (UTC)

  • All edits adding Norwegian releases with upper Caps (not following Norwegian case guide)
  • or like all releases with æ ø å and no language set.
  • the ability to completely IGNORE all bootleg adding releases (except on artists/releases tagged "mash-up")
  • All edits to a release/track/label/artist with XY tag (folksonomy)
  • All edits to x track or x album, also edits to only change a certain aspect of an artist or release, like the date or the sortname, (Metallica's "Black" album, anyone?)
  • edits merging releases that has "transliterate" "version" etc ar between them
  • edits merging releases with not the same amount of tracks
  • edits that remove tracks or album(s) or any type of "destructive" edit
  • edits adding NAT to any artist except those tagged "mash-up"
  • all edits except to those artists tagged "classical"
  • all add cdbaby cover art links
  • any release added as SA to Various Artists (id=1)
  • or any of the SPA (special purpose artists)
  • the ability to see what is being merged into a subscribed artist (smart edit search.)
  • an ability to see all add release edits with / or - in all or almost all tracknames. in the form "x foo / y bar" etc.

-- mo

  • Japanese releases released on anything other than e.g. thursday.

note to self: --kuno. and another one, concerning objections on the ratio idea: --kuno.

My interest would be in specifically seeing edits where I have demonstrated to MB some kind of knowledge. To wit: 
  • I echo OutsideContext on the "releases I own" concept -- would be very useful
  • tracks, artists, releases I've edited -- more meaningful to me than just "subscriptions"
  • tracks, artists and releases that are "similar to" those I own and/or have edited or am subscribing to

-- PBryan 21:40, 29 March 2008 (UTC)