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I'm a 23 years old geek guy from Brazil. I've discovered MB since 2006 and when I saw it I thought "WOW!". Since them, I don't put any songs im my playlist if it wasn't tagged from here. :)

But, becase of this I get in trouble. I'm a huge japanese music lover, but many songs that I have aren't on MB. So, I've started to put it myself. And now I got addicted to this.

I know that I have a poor english and japanese knowledge, as long I get confused with the style guidelines sometimes. Feel free to correct me as long as you see an error. It's part of the learning process. :D

What I'm doing here, and some "pseudo-projects"

My first priority is to add any release that I have but is not on MusicBrainz. After this, I want to working on transliterate some japanese musics from romaji. It's a good thing to people who don't understand some kanjis and to prevent error on computers that don't understand unicode characters either.

Also, I can help with searching, checking and voting on portuguese releases, as it's much more easy because it's my native language.

As long as I don't have much time to do all that I want, I've created some particular projects to work on. If you know something about any topics, feel free to give a hand :)

Review Lucky Star's releases

There's about 13 "character's songs"releases that aren't 100% ok and don't have an uniform name:

Info of other releases to check:

Review Rumbling Hearts (君が望む永遠) releases

There some releases missing releases, non-uniform names and other things to check.

Suzumiya Haruhi Soundtrack

Seems OK, but there's some albuns to transliterate and a release to add

Zillion Soundtrack

Info about the composer =>

Album 1

Album 2

Other relevant infos:

◇日本テレビ系アニメ「赤い光弾ジリオン」より、APPLE on D.J

アニメ制作:タツノコプロ 音楽:入江純 - 川井憲次 DJ:水谷優子

歌:水谷優子 - 結城梨沙 - 関俊彦 - 井上和彦 - 西村智博

Wikipedia Artist AR

List 78 (continue over artist K)

Get more lists to finish