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There are five undisputed conclusions that I've drawn from the past three weeks of consultation. These should probably happen for sure, unless something drastically alters everyone's thoughts and opinions (zombie apocalypse/armaggeddon/etc.).

Tracks should have MBIDs

Many people support tracks being upgraded to have MBIDs. There doesn't seem to be anyone opposed to this.

Recording should become Mix

Eventually, recordings should be redefined as mixes. Mixes should be merged more often than recordings.

More support for lightweight releases

Two people think there needs to be better support for releases with just one track (eg. single-track downloads).

Additional levels should be optional

Any levels added to MB shouldn't clutter the existing interface. Most editors should be able to get by using mixes and works.

MusicBrainz needs better documentation

In many places current documentation is vague, and several people feel it needs improving.