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Image information

Firefox and Opera have an image information dialog (right click on the image) which displays the format of the image, however not all versions detect the correct format. To check whether it works in your browser, look at the image information of this image. If it says PNG, it's detected the format correctly. If it says JPEG, it hasn't.

Various (command line) ways to find the format of an image:

  • file FILENAME
  • identify FILENAME (requires imagemagick)
  • sips -g all FILENAME (OSX only?)
  • [last resort] hexdump -C FILENAME | head -n 1 (most image formats have headers that describe their type, notably excluding JPEG, but JPEG files begin with 'ff d8')

Better images

Getting better images from various sites:


Replace 170x170 (or sometimes 100x100) in the image URL with 600x600 or 1200x1200. Be wary of upscaled images if using the 1200x1200 versions.


Replace ._SL500_AA300_.jpg or ._SS400_.jpg at the end of the URL with just .jpg (sometimes the letters and numbers are slightly different but it always starts with a dot and an underscore). This will usually get rid of any white borders around the image too.

Some images show 160 pixels large after replacing the ._*_.jpg part by .jpg as shown above. In such a case try replacing ._*_.jpg by ._SCRM_.jpg. This works for example on URLs beginning with There are probably stored the zooming images.

For Firefox and Chrome users, a browser plugin exists that might be useful: /


Click the image to go to the page with the full images. Even when there isn't a "more images" link, the page will often have a larger front image.


Replace 1.100.jpg, 1.200.jpg, etc., at the end of the URL with 1.0.jpg


Replace cover_50.jpg, cover_160.jpg, etc., at the end of the URL with cover.jpg

Replace serve/300x300, serve/500, etc., with serve/_


Replace t500x500.jpg (or whatever) with original.jpg at the end of the URL (you can just remove the question mark after .jpg and anything after it)


You need to register/log in to access high resolution images.


In URLs beginning*/ replace JPG_* by JPG_1080. This will give you a picture with the smallest size 1080 pixels. (The known supported sizes are: 75, 170, 250, 400, 500, 1080.)

Some albums have also the back cover stored. Try to increase the number at the end of the URL by 1.


Bandcamp images are served from e.g. (or _2.jpg for thumbnails). Replace the end with _0.jpg to get the original.


Images can be found by clicking on "Link to this image". From the image URL, change the trailing part "-s" from "-s.jpg"

CD Baby

Replace .jpg with _large.jpg to get a 600x600 image.


Replace _600.jpg with _max.jpg to get the biggest image available.