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Jewel cases

Name Rarity Description Image
Jewel case Very common the most common packaging for a cd. three pieces - back, tray and front. the spine is part of the back cover which goes between the back and tray here
Slim jewel case Very common common for singles. two pieces, back and front. the spine is part of the front cover (which is L-shaped, like a normal cassette case). here
Super jewel box Increasingly common improved type of jewel case. rounded corners. can have spines on all four edges. more common for recent releases (sizes: cd-size, dvd-size, also one between the two... dvd-audio size?) here
J-card case Very common for cassettes standard cassette packaging, plastic case with a liner which folds into a J shape here


Name Rarity Description Image
Paper sleeve ? like a cardboard sleeve but made of paper, often with a plastic window here
Cardboard sleeve ? square piece of card into which the cd is put directly here
Plastic sleeve ? like a cardboard sleeve but made of plastic here


Name Rarity Description Image
Digipak Very common for special editions folding card with plastic trays (sizes: cd-size, dvd-size) 4 panel, 6 panel
8cm CD "Snappack" Very common for older Japanese singles not sure what the proper name is... as wide as an 8cm cd and twice as high. it's a piece of card with a piece of plastic stuck to one side. i don't have that many, but this was the standard packaging for a japanese single before they switched to normal 12cm cds in 2000 or so here
Digibook ? similar to a digipak, except made of hard card shaped like a book. some have pocket thingies instead of plastic trays e.g. 1, 2


Name Rarity Description Image
Keep case Very common for DVDs soft plastic thing. ridiculously common for dvds here
Custom/Novelty ? any novelty packaging, typically one off stuff e.g. this
Other ? anything not listed above that isn't novelty packaging

Other stuff, weird stuff

alt slim case
similar to a normal slim case, except hinged like a normal jewel case. since it's still only two pieces, there's no back cover and hence no spine. really annoying and thankfully not too common. the german wikipedia suggests these are really slim cases and are 5mm thick, and the ones for singles are slightly thicker at 7mm
double jewel case
twice the width of a normal jewel case and opens on both sides. a lot of playstation games used similar cases.
double cardboard sleeve
a single cardboard sleeve inside another cardboard sleeve. not sure how common it is, seems to be more common for commercial stuff, maybe because it offers more protection than a single cardboard sleeve.
a pouch (for want of a better word) with a piece of card which folds over the front. the cd itself is in a papery/plasticky dust shield thing
  • sizes: jewel case sized, square jewel case height (narrower than jewel case), square jewel case width (taller than jewel case)
  • things similar to digipaks but with card hinges at the top and bottom to hold the cd instead of a tray. seems like it wouldn't be that rare, but I have no idea what they're called
  • things similar to digipaks but with foam blobs instead of a tray. same here.
  • tins. i have several in round tins with bubble wrap inside -> novelty?


  • What's our aim?
  • What do we do with things with multiple packaging? e.g. I have a release which is a jewel case and a slim jewel case inside a cardboard slipcase. Maybe we need a multiple option for now...
  • What do we do about cardboard slipcases, boxes, metal tins, lunchboxes, etc. where something from the list above is enclosed in something else?
    • I have quite a few standard jewel cases with a cardboard slipcase/box over them, these should probably go under jewel case (for now at least).
    • hard card boxes, fabric covered card boxes, metal boxes... hm... I could imagine an option for those
    • lunchboxes... the ones I have seem more like CD with a lunchbox, rather than CD contained in a lunchbox, it's just convenient to put the CD inside for selling it. I would put these under standard jewel cases and mention the lunchbox in the annotation.