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As the leader of MusicBrainz, I am also the executive director of the MetaBrainz Foundation, the non-profit legal parent of MusicBrainz. As the ED, I wear many hats -- here is my current job description:

Executive Director of the MetaBrainz Foundation

Server maintenance

  • Hardware purchasing/acquistion of used hardware
  • Colocation issues/contracts/maintenance
  • Managing hardware costs and future planning

Business Development

  • Conferences/tradeshows/schmoozing/maintaining contacts for MusicBrainz
  • Meetings with potential partners/licensees
  • New licenses sales
  • Managing and soliciting sponsors
  • Raise funds for further server development

Development Mangement

  • Managing server/search server development
  • Manage employees/contractors of MetaBrainz.

Legal Department

  • Licenses for data/software/web services
  • Contracts for data/licenses/web services
  • Interacting with lawyers
  • Find pro bono lawyers

Community Relations

  • Answering questions in IRC/mail/blog/mailing lists
  • Conflict resolution
  • Managing developers

Foundation Issues

  • web site/donation tracking
  • State/federal filing requirements
  • Board of directors management/meetings


  • Keep general books, manage invoices, pay bills
  • File tax reports/manage accountants
  • Post monthly financial results
  • Manage bank accounts/investments


  • Answer support@ emails, with help from volunteers
  • Help partners/licensees (at least have support@ team help