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Thoughts on the weekly developers meeting

The weekly developers meeting would ideally be the only meeting we hold in a given week: We should be protective of our community members and developers time. Every meeting should have a concrete start time and end time and we should make an effort to keep the meetings within those boundaries.

General goals of the meeting include:

  1. To get a sense for the current state of our projects and the state of our community.
  2. The meeting should be a well flowing, carefully managed conversation.
  3. We should avoid letting people ramble on, but we should pay attention to those who wish to share information with others.
  4. Everyone should get a chance to speak and everyone should give a reasonable summary of the work they've done it the past week. Contractors and GSoC students/mentors are required to give a summary (at least a paragraph of text) during the meeting or provide it to the meeting leader ahead of time.

The meeting leader's duties include:

  1. Identifying possible situations that block developers from making progress
  2. Attempting to resolve problems by asking follow up questions and attempting to identify solutions.
  3. Identifying unhappy community members and attempting to identify and resolve the source of unhappiness.
  4. Encourage more reserved community members to participate in the meeting, even if they wish to simply be skipped.