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Jamendo Monthly Playlists

Jamendo Monthly Playlists (JMP): is the primary personal project of TW, and is the main reason that I joined MusicBrainz. The objective of this project is to enter any missing data into the MusicBrainz logo 2016.svg MusicBrainz database from jamendo-logo-678x772.png Jamendo. This will be an ongoing project as future playlists get published by the Jamendo staff. The depth of the project will cover the monthly playlists from 2016 until the present day. The breadth of the project will eventually span all the tracks (Recordings) from all the playlists, thence to all the tracks of the associated albums (Releases), and eventually to all the albums by all the associated Artists represented in the playlists. The breadth could easily be extended beyond, to also include the discographies of the remixers and other sources of the individual samples included on the tracks.