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This is the first milestone for the Jamendo Monthly Playlists (JMP) personal project by TW. The primary objective of this milestone is for me to learn more about entering data into the MusicBrainz logo 2016.svg MusicBrainz database and to begin establishing a procedure to follow for future stages of the project.


This milestone will focus on just the tracks within my 2018 Best of the Best playlist. This will include adding the missing Recording information for each track on the playlist, and adding a Release if required, so that MusicBrainzPicardlogo.svg Picard can find the track in the MB database. This should give me the necessary skills to at least add a Release Group, Release, Artist, Recording, Cover Art, and AcoustID, and some Relationships.


This milestone will be broken into tasks, based on the calendar month number which represents the track number / position in the playlist. For simplicity's sake, these tasks may be marked as either ☐ Unchecked or ☑ Checked as completed using these unicode characters, without needing extra MediaWiki extensions to be installed. When a task is completed, simply move the page, renaming it using the ☑ Checked character. To be marked as complete, each track on the playlist should be able to have the appropriate metadata downloaded for it via MusicBrainzPicardlogo.svg Picard before it can be signed off.