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Indeed, the kemenche is also another untangled mess in itself, the kamancheh and the kemenche are two different instruments, unrelated (well eventually they are, but not as close as the names would imply) were the kamancheh (acc to wikipedia) is the one related to rebab.
There is also the Classical kemenche and the kemenche of the black sea (s)

  • so we have:
  • kamancheh wd en mb - persian spikefiddle
  • kemenche wd en mb - mediterranean lute
  • kemençe of the Black Sea (Karadeniz kemençesi, Pontic kemenche, Pontic lyra) wd en mb - box-shaped lute
  • classical kemençe (Klasik kemençe, Armudî kemençe, Politiki lyra) wd en mb - bowl-shaped lute
  • Byzantine lyra wd en MB! - medieval greek pear-shaped lute which has many descendants:
    • Greek (Politiki lyra (aka classical kemence ^))
    • Pontic Greek (Pontic lyra (aka KotBS ^))
    • Cretan (Cretan lyra) wd en mb
    • Serbian/Montenegroan (gusle) wd en MB!
    • Bulgarian (gadulka) wd en mb
    • Croatia (Dalmatian Lijerica) wd en MB!
    • Italian (Calabrian lira) wd en MB!
    • Russia (gudok) wd en mb
  • (from

unknown if it is any relation:

  • Byzaanchy (string instrument, sounds like Byzans(Byzantian))

some kind of timeline possibly:
?? -> rebab -?> lira ?-?> vielle (medieval fiddle) -> lira da braccio (renaissance) -> ?? -> viol/violin