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Getting started

  1. Quickstart
    contains a summary of the guidelines, reminiscent of .
  2. Style Principle
    〜I think we can merge in ConsistentOriginalData〜
    【and Artist Intent and Strong Guideline
  3. Adding a new release
    should be added last, when the guidelines are done, more below.

Post NGS styleguide "Adding a new release" page

NOTE: This should not be a guide on how to add a release. It is a tutorial on how to read and apply the guidelines when adding a typical (pop) release.

It should deal with the basics, possibly as a step by step instruction for a particular album which happens to touch a few interesting guidelines.

  • Release title (link to CapitalizationStandard)
  • Track titles (use an example which neccesitates linking to AbbreviationStyle or FeaturingArtistStyle, reiterate CapitalizationStandard)
  • Choosing / adding the artist (Point out the difference between the legal name and the artist name used on the release)
  • Quickly explain the remaining stuff (release type, language, label etc..)

Actually, the above probably contains too many links to other style guidelines, should decide which of those are important and which of them can wait... and write the most readable introduction to the subject. Or described two releases instead of one, introducing some interesting guidelines on the second example.

Probably mention that certain releases have different rules and conventions, linking to Classical/Soundtrack styles.

Old style practices

We should have a page which talks about old style practices, e.g.

  • Using "(disc n)" for disc numbers
  • Using "(disc n: Foobar)" for disc titles
  • Putting release event information in the annotation
  • Putting release variation information ("European", "Japanese", "iTunes") in the annotation (replaced with release comments)
  • "A & B" collaboration artists
  • Using the "part of a set" relationship and/or entering in separate discs as releases
  • Earliest release track-track relationship (deprecated since recordings that are the same should be merged)
  • Earliest version track-track relationship (deprecated since they should normally be the same work, although there will be some cases where we'll need a more specific relationship)
  • ...

/Old style practices