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This page was a collective proposal for new entities that had not yet been implemented, their behaviour and how to present them. Many of the ideas here had since been implemented, as of March 2010. Those which had not been, and were not yet planned (the NGS release), have been split off to Advanced Entity (Post-NGS) for future discussion/development.

See DataElementsForAdvancedRelationships for an older proposal.


At the moment we have the following CoreEntities:

  • Album
  • Track

We already have the following AdvancedEntity:

  • URL

The following entities with the described behaviour are proposed:

  • Label For record labels, subdivisions of labels and distributors
    • field: LabelCode
    • AR to URL possible (label website (use "official website"?), Discogs entry, Wikipedia, discography site)
    • AR to Artist ("is/was signed to from ... to ...")
    • AR to Label ("is sub-division of", "is distributor of"?)
    • album listing with all albums which have the id of this label in a release
    • "View Mods" for related edits
    • AlbumGroups These would be called differently depending the proposal, so I just list the proposals here:

Additionally one could think of different types of AlbumGroups like:

One AlbumEntity could be member of several groups - like Apocalyptica's "Cult: Special Edition (disc 1)" is in the same EditionGroup like the original "Cult" release but also in a BoxSet together with "Cult: Special Edition (disc 2)" (but that could lead to multi-inheritance problems if you also want to use an inheritance mechanism like for ArtistGroups). And you have to differentiate between a group of albums representing the same abstract album idea and groups of albums representing the same recording (important for linking recording information to the group).

    • TrackGroups Track groups would be the equivalent to the abstract idea of a Song while the Track entity stores data for one version/release of a track (which perhaps still could be used for several albums - so one Track entity could be on an album and a compilation).
      • Easier to link covers, participating artist infos and so on

Like for albums you have to separate between groups of tracks representing the same abstract song (of one artist!) and groups of tracks representing the same recording of a song. For new more detailed proposals for such groups see AlbumRework and TrackGrouping.


(More detailed description missing...)

Label entities could then be used in extended release infos of albums. Both labels and series help to keep an overview of the related releases and the related mods.

Open question: link albums belonging to a series to the Series entity instead of VariousArtists? Or better leave VA as the artist because a Series entity is not an Artist entity and this could cause implementation problems? So better link it *additionally* to the Series?