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My name is Alain, I live in Brittany, France.

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Community projects

French punk

As part of the FrogsTidyingMarathon, I will try to work on french punk artists (no timeline however ;-).

Random stuff

  • Search and add artists/releases needed to the cover ARs for « 17 plombs pour péter les tubes » by Ludwig Von 88. Thanks to drsaunde, some of the ARs are fixed. Still to do:
    • 1. La ganja (La Bamba, mexican traditional song: no cover AR but an annotation?)
    • 9. Boum (Charles Trenet)
      • This one seems quite difficult: Boum ! was apparently first released in 1938/1939, but I have only found compilations with this track so far... Nothing accurate about his discography before WWII.