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About me

I live in Sydney, Australia. Felt it was time to write a real bio, so here it is:

My father worked as the State Promotions Manager of NSW at BMG (Australia) for many years and was later involved in web development and IT, this mixed with the compulsive drive to have a nice neat library and my overall love for music was the main reason for my initial interest in MusicBrainz. From there it turned into a hobby and not long after I realised I wanted to treat MusicBrainz as more than just a hobby and really got down to learn as many of the style guidelines as I could. But textbook knowledge never compares to experience, and so I proceeded to do quite a bit of voting to see how the system worked and pick up a few experience tips along the way.

As I begun to use MusicBrainz regularly and expand my knowledge along the way, I set my goal, to be one of the 'big boys' (an AutoMod as it was known back then). Slightly confused at how to to become and AutoEditor, yet determined to continue my work with the MusicBrainz community, I persevered with great delight. On Thursday, June 22 2006, I received that email, describing that I had been put up for election, and 7 days later it was official. Thanks to all those that voted and second proposed me, and special thanks to inhouseuk for giving me such a positive report.


I created the MusicBrainzMySQL, so if you have any problems/questions/ideas, email me.



  • 29 June 2006 - Became the 73rd AutoEditor
  • 15 Oct 2006 - Became a Forums Moderator
  • 2006 - Annual Report: Achieved #25 voter and #25 editor for the year.
  • 19 Feb 2007 - Reached 10,000 edits.

Special Artists

Artists that I pay very close attention to:


As of 29 Apr 2007

Add Artist 239
Add Artist Alias 30
Add Artist Annotation 9
Edit Artist 67
Merge Artists 13
Remove Artist 2
Remove Artist Alias 2
Total 362
Add Release 85
Add Release Annotation 312
Add Release Events 35
Change Release Quality 2
Convert Release to Multiple Artists 2
Convert Release to Single Artist 1
Edit Release Attributes 41
Edit Release Events 15
Edit Release Events (old version) 85
Edit Release Language 288
Edit Release Name 507
Merge Releases 3
Merge Releases (Various Artists) 1
Move Release 23
Remove Release 92
Total 1,492
Add Track 2
Change Track Artist 456
Edit Track Name 7,404
Edit Track Number 15
Edit Track Time 1,085
Remove Track 95
Total 9,057
Add Relationship 908
Edit Relationship 24
Remove Relationship 10
Total 942
Add Disc ID 9
Add TRMs 4
Add PUIDs 2
Remove Disc ID 1
Total 16
Add Label 3
Edit Label 1
Total 4