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Status: This Page is Glorious History!

The content of this page either is bit-rotted, or has lost its reason to exist due to some new features having been implemented in MusicBrainz, or maybe just described something that never made it in (or made it in a different way), or possibly is meant to store information and memories about our Glorious Past. We still keep this page to honor the brave editors who, during the prehistoric times (prehistoric for you, newcomer!), struggled hard to build a better present and dreamed of an even better future. We also keep it for archival purposes because possibly it still contains crazy thoughts and ideas that may be reused someday. If you're not into looking at either the past or the future, you should just disregard entirely this page content and look for an up to date documentation page elsewhere.

Icon Suggestions

This page is outdated! This is FinishedWork. The current tagger already uses the icons that have been developed here. Maybe ThisPageNeedsReworking. Then the images should consistently been taken from the MusicBrainz Subversion http://bugs.musicbrainz.org/browser/mb_tagger/trunk/rc -- DonRedman

This image below is a shot of the MusicBrainz Tagger application. Most of the icons are ripped off from other windows applications, and that is obviously not a good idea and it doesn't look very good. The goal is to have a consistent and appealing looking toolbar -- it would be best if we could have icons all from one look and feel. If you would like to help out and suggest new icons, or even better yet, draw new icons, please add your suggestions/artwork to the list below. Since we're cleaning out artwork act up all suggested artwork needs to be freely available -- preferrably under some open source/creative commons license.

To add your suggestion, add a comma separated list that has the image and your nickname in it: (File:stock draw-pyramid.png ruaok, File:stock help-chat.png santa). Then add your nickname to the bottom to give yourself credit. Also, if you have an idea, but no image, then add your comments, followed by your nickname.

Take a look at the bottom of the page for places to find icons.

Tagger Icons


  1. Open file: File:stock my-documents-36.png ruaok,
  2. Open dir: File:stock samples-36.png ruaok,
  3. Lookup CD: File:stock zoom-page.png ruaok,
  4. Options: File:stock autopilot-32.png ruaok, or this one: File:stock preferences.png Russ, [Use the tools or the gears but without the page, as this suggests openinig a new document.] DonRedman,
    1. The tools without page look fine to me -- ruaok
  1. Write Tags: File:stock save.png ruaok,
  2. Submit TRMs: File:stock data-save.png (modified to be similar to the current icon) ruaok,
  3. Back: File:stock left.png ruaok,
  4. Forward: File:stock right.png ruaok,
  5. Reload: File:stock refresh.png ruaok,
  6. Stop: File:stock stop.png ruaok,

modified Ximian Icon-Set:

I moved them out of the list to suggest one consistent Icon set.

  • I tried to give the icons a consistent logic by suggesting a workflow with the arrows
    • load into the tagger: blue arrow up.
    • save to HD/submit to MB: red arrow down.
  • sometimes my icons are not displayed because F$%&§ing geocities prevents display on non-geocities pages. Opening my page on http://de.geocities.com/donredman50/ should help. Sorry 'bout that.
    • Nice work, thank you much! Once we nail these down (I think we're close on these) can you please shrink then all down to consistent 16x16 icons suitable for using in the tagger? -- ruaok
      • actually no, I cannot. Resizeing Icons makes them look very ugly. I would have to start all over again to get them down to 16x16. I managed to get them all down to 24x24 though -- DonRedman
      • and I changed some according to the suggetions in the MailingList. Thank you to all who commented! -- DonRedman

Web Site Icons

These icons will be used on the site for indicating an artist. The large icon will appear on the aritst pages at the top, and the small icon will be used to make permanent icon links to an artist in MusicBrainz:

aicon lg.png aicon.png (artist)

Improved artwork suggestions: Could try a 5-pointed star instead of a microphone. as seen on dressing room doors? -RJ Don: Can you please create a star based icon - I like that idea. -- ruaok

Same applies for these album icons:

licon lg.png licon.png (album)

Improved artwork suggestions:

And here are the icons for tracks. The small barcode ain't so hot:

ticon lg.png ticon.png (track)

Improved artwork suggestions:

What about File:ticon-notes.png File:Ticon-notes-small.png? (or two of them like in the tagger). The barcode made me think of TRM's, but we already have an icon for them.

  • Sounds good -- can you please come up with on with two notes? How about making them white? The white notes look cooler to me -- ruaok
    • Done -- DonRedman
    • I also made a small one. I will do more small ones if I find some time...
  • ruaok -- Mayhem & Chaos Coordinator
  • santa -- The jolly old fellow
  • DonRedman

Icon Resources

From dave (bawjaws):

1,000 LGPL icons for OpenOffice.org created by Ximian: http://developer.ximian.com/themes/icons/ooo-icons.html

GPL'd Gnome stock icons (seems mostly a subset of the OO.o set): http://developer.ximian.com/themes/icons/

Personal websites of designers responsible for many of the above icons: http://jimmac.musichall.cz/ikony.php3 http://tigert.gimp.org/

Some more Gnome icons: http://art.gnome.org/index.php!