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Status: This Page is Glorious History!

The content of this page either is bit-rotted, or has lost its reason to exist due to some new features having been implemented in MusicBrainz, or maybe just described something that never made it in (or made it in a different way), or possibly is meant to store information and memories about our Glorious Past. We still keep this page to honor the brave editors who, during the prehistoric times (prehistoric for you, newcomer!), struggled hard to build a better present and dreamed of an even better future. We also keep it for archival purposes because possibly it still contains crazy thoughts and ideas that may be reused someday. If you're not into looking at either the past or the future, you should just disregard entirely this page content and look for an up to date documentation page elsewhere.

Historical Information

In the past, it was not possible to keep distinct artist records with the same ArtistName. This page was created to keep track of ArtistNames that had multiple artist's work associated with them.

If the artists have very similar names but are not identical, this should be noted in the ArtistAnnotation.

In the past they were also listed on NotDuplicateArtists. The purpose of this page was to record cases in which two artists had really identical names, so that the artists can be split, variant names corrected, and/or bogus qualifiers removed.

  • The idea of "similar but not identical" has been (ab)used to distinguish the artists if there are variant ArtistAliases for either of the artists' names. For example, if one of the artists is from a country where a non-Roman alphabet is used, you can use the non-Roman form of the name, as has been done with Polish pop-metal group Turbo and Korean K-pop group Turbo. Cases like that should be listed both [http:#variants here] and as NotDuplicateArtists.

There is a (rather complicated) description on how to enter new artists [http:#new at the bottom of the page].


This page will hopefully soon become obsolete now that it's possible to have different artists with the same name.

How do you think we should handle the shift? When artists have been split, I suggest they should be moved to NotDuplicateArtists --ZeroGravitas

  • That seems like the best solution; once all the artists have been split and moved there, this page should provide documentation on how the discriminator comment stuff should be used. @alex Agreed. That's the approach I've taken with the ones I've broken up. Now that we have the ability for comments to discriminate this page has become something of a to-do list, yes? Dylan

Single ArtistNames shared by several artists

  • Anna
    • a German side-project of Bernd and Jens from Dune with some girl named Anna; produced exactly one single ("Over the Mountain") around 1996 discogs
    • Another Anna from Germany; produced at least a single ("Desert Rose") in 2002 Amazon
    • At least three other artists discogs search
  • Aurora
    • Mid 00's German trance act (side-project of Nylon; these are the ones all over recent comps)
    • Mid 00's Spanish pop-trance act
    • Early 00's US psytrance act
    • Late 90's US breakbeat act
    • Mid 90's German trance act
    • Mid-90's German EBM act (also known as Mandala and Aurora Sutra, side-project of every EBM and synthpop band in Hamburg)
    • Mid-90's Italian deep house act
    • Mid-90's US Christian synthpop act
    • Early 90's Spanish industrial act
    • Early 90's UK hardcore act associated with Adrenalin Records (UK)
    • Late 80's US deathrock act
    • (These are just the ones I actually have releases from; how much you want to bet there are more?)
  • Callisto
    • One is a Finnish Metal band, the other is, um, not.
    • Dana Kelley's (DKMA) tech-house side-project
    • David Wright's downtempo side-project
  • Dawn
    • Swedish black metal band AMG
    • '70s R&B group AMG (Best filed under "Tony Orlando and Dawn".)
    • Early Dutch cheesy house duo; one of the members later released German-style hard trance under the same name
  • Distortion
    • Rotterdam gabber DJ Mike Loucas (who also goes by DJ Distortion and DJ Mike, but usually as Distortion), sometimes also with Duane Samplonious (aka DJ Samplonious)
    • German acid-trance act, one of the many side-projects of Peter "One from the Posse" Wiederroth
    • UK drum&bass act who had a couple of mediocre hits in the mid-90's
    • Metal band I know nothing about other than their entry in the VA release http://musicbrainz.org/release/6e86f46d-b574-4a41-89ba-86a0c585a783.html
  • Dune
    • Oliver Froning & friends, German co-inventor of the happy hardcore genre. official site other official site
    • Oliver Sasse & Aaron Seigner, Quebecois breakbeat; have their own label called Dune (also one of many with the name...). label
    • Laurent Garnier / F.E.O.S. project preceding the others, if not as well known. (Not that they aren't plenty well known for other work.) Garnier's site Pascal's site
    • Disco singer on Quincy Jones' Ai No Corrida, preceding even them.
    • At least three other electronic artists, all from the UK, that I've never heard of discogs.com search
    • A bootleg reissue of Eon (Ian Beta)'s "Spice" single is mistakenly credited to Dune.
  • Earth
    • Japanese pop group
    • MB entry has releases by at least one unrelated artist under it, titles sound like some type of electronic music
    • One of the many names used by goa trance artist DJ Sangeet (Andreas Karsten Pfeiffer) (http://www.psynews.org/reviews/djsangee.htm)
    • UK experimental/dark-ambient group I know little about, but they appear on some Soleilmoon comps
  • Eon
    • Ian Beta, aka Minimal Man, who produced some of the most famous early 90's acid-techno, mostly with sci-fi themes, still recording under the name today. discogs
    • Ferry Corsten's recent goa project official site
    • at least two others discogs search
  • Exile
    • Japanese pop group
    • 80s american group?
    • London drum & bass artist Tim Shaw
    • Italian techno artist Giovanni Pasquariello
    • Oslo ambient artist Erik Wøllo
    • US rapper
    • 70s disco group (they did the hit "Kiss You All Over")
    • UK ambient artist with at least two releases
  • Hefner
    • Downtempo/acid-jazz project from Lee Jones of E.V.A. (the Ninja-Tunes band) is the only one I know...
    • Indie band from the UK, recorded on too pure & Rough trade (http://www.hefnet.com/)
    • someone else who's not Lee Jones
  • Robert Johnson
    • Robert Johnson - King of the Delta Blues Singers AMG
    • Robert Johnson - Memphis-based power-pop guy AMG
  • Jack Frost
    • Australian artist (release: Eden)
    •  ? (other releases)
  • Levitation
    • Whatever Levitation released the two releases listed at this page
    • The Levitation that's on all the Café Del Mar and Ibiza comps, a Paco Fernandez side-project
  • Millenia
    • Whoever did the release "Hollywood Nights" in the db
    • Spelled properly as Millennia, they're a Canadian industrial band
  • Monsoon
    • early 00s German breakbeat artist
    • early 00s Stockholm deep housed artist (Håkan Lidbo, aka The Alpha Male)
    • early 90s UK breakbeat artist (aka DJ Monsoon)
    • mid 90s Hamburg trance duo (Thomas Müller & Johan Svenson)
    • early 80s London dance-guitar-rock/Indian-fusion/synthpop superstars (http://www.sheilachandra.com/albums/monsoon.html)
  • Onyx
    • Rap artists (and bad^H^H^Hcreative spellers) from NYC with many releases through the 90's, mostly on Def Jam and Jam Master J's label JMJ discogs.com
    • Current progressive-house act appearing on a variety of MOS and other comps with a handful of songs discogs.com
    • Current psy-trance project of Yanniv Goldfarb (can't remember the name he used for his earlier stuff) discogs.com
    • Name used by producer Onyx Johnson as a remixer (can't find a link)
  • Rez
    • Mid 00's UK rapper
    • Early 00's Dutch hard trance act
    • Late 90's Swedish (?) big beat/trip-hop act, Christophe Résigné
  • ROT
    • Greek alternative metal band
    • Brazillian punk/grind/metal band
  • Rhythm Method
    • Steve & Maurice Oliver, the mid-90s hardcore/techno/hard house duo; can't find a link anywhere
    • A mid-90s goa/psytrance act that's still around; again no link
  • Seven
    • Korean pop singer - the Korean artist is spelt ["SE7EN"], not Seven. I'd move this entry to the "Artists differentiated by variants" section but there are still the other entries for it, better to leave it here then?
    • hip-hop(?) group
    • heavy metal band
    • 80s synthpop from the UK (not to be confused with Seven Red Seven or the eight other synthpop bands with "Seven" in their name); biggest hit was "Stranger Than Fiction"
    • tech-house act from Canada(?), real name Brett Helgeson (http://seven.housepimp.com)
    • at least two different US drum&bass artists
    • experimental/ambient noise act from Japan (http://www.soup-disk.com/, you try to navigate it)
  • SMP
    • Industrial/rap band from the American northwest (Synethesia Murder Project) official site
    • German trance producer Roger P. Shah, aka DJ Shah (Shah Music Productions) official site
  • Sonic Assault
    • mid-90's Damon Wild hardcore project, sometimes known as "Sonic Assault II," associated with Adrenalin Records (US) discogs.com listing
    • mid-90's techno act that I can't find any information on other than Damon Wild mentioning them
    • mid/late-90's experimental/IDM artist label site
  • Stargate
    • Early 00's UK-garage project from Norway
    • Late 90's hard trance artist from Switzerland
    • Mid 90's Dutch hard trance side-project by Rob Fabrie (Headbanger, etc.) from Rotterdam
    • Mid 90's goa side-project by Syntezia from Tel Aviv
  • The system
    • The system
    • The System (my, that's helpful)
    • Minimal-ambient site-project of Swedish artists Future 3 (http://www.systemf3.com/)
    • New Zealand's biggest (only?) industrial-ambient artist (http://version.org.nz/profiles/ is the only mention I can find for him other than some usenet postings of his)
    • Italian disco-house
    • UK hiphop/garage
    • Israeli (? they're on Agitato) psy-trance
    • Rotterdam gabber act that may be Paul Elstak and/or his brother, sometimes just System or DJ System
    • German 80s electro-disco duo (you might recognize their song from near the end of Beverly Hills Cop)
  • The Unknown
    • Rotterdam gabber side-project by Sebastian Hoff (aka DJ Promo and countless others)
    • Rotterdam gabber side-project of Holy Noise/Rotterdam Terror Corps (Paul Elstak, Rob Fabrie, Rob van Naamen)
    • (UK?) Happycore DJ, some solo tracks (sometimes as DJ Unknown), but more as part of the duo Sy & The Unknown
    • Amsterdam diva-trance
    • US goth band
  • John Williams
    • Soundtrack composer
    • Guitar player (usually his releases should be filed under VA, with the composers as artists, and he should be credited like this in the releases' titles: " (feat. guitar: John Williams)" without the quotes.
    • Love Sculpture Bassist with this name

Artists differentiated by variants

Artists differentiated by qualifiers (possible style violations)

    • Avalon 1
      • might actually be part of the name (who are they?)
      • I've seen the Belgian Avalon (see above) miscredited as Avalon1 on many MP3s, probably because his link at the old mp3.com was www.mp3.com/avalon1, but he's never used that name on any releases or press that I've seen. If this is where the confusion comes from, this should be moved up to the identical section.

How to make new entries

Entries should be placed in the appropriate list, sorted alphabetically by ArtistSortName, with sub-bullets as noted below. A blank line before each new bullet (but not sub-bullet) improves readability.

  • [http:#singlenames Single ArtistNames]
    • Description of artist (discography URL)
    • Another description; order isn't critical here.
  • [http:#variants First of several Variant Artists]
    • Description of artist (discography URL)
    • [http:#variants Following Variant Artists]
      • Description of artist (discography URL)
    • [http:#variants More Variant Artists]
      • Description of artist (discography URL)
  • [http:#badqualifiers First of several Artists differentiated by Qualifiers]
    • Description of artist (discography URL)
    • [http:#badqualifiers Following Other Artists (Qualified)]
      • Description of artist (discography URL)
    • [http:#badqualifiers More Other Artists (Qualified)]
      • Description of artist (discography URL)

The main and second-level bullet points should have a link to the MusicBrainz artist page. Comments should be in the third-level bullet points, before an artist discography link, if any. Please try to avoid use of All Music Guide (AMG) and Amazon links as they are long in text, but short in lifespan, since they keep changing their systems.

For now, use the URL form (http://musicbrainz.org/showartist.html?artistid=36481) rather than the PermanentLink form (http://musicbrainz.org/artist/cc6fed9a-a14b-46e1-a5b0-97f740e66e6a.html); if it turns out to be easier to process the latter form, we can easily convert the entries later on.