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MusicBrainz Data Licenses

The data collected by the MusicBrainz project falls into two categories explained below. Any user that contributes to MusicBrainz should be aware that their contributions will be made available to the public under the following licenses:

Public Domain Data


The core data of the MusicBrainz dataset is placed into the Public Domain, which means that anyone can download and use the core data in any way they see fit. No restictions, no worries! The core data consists of the following pieces of data. The SQL tablenames are shown in parenthesis after the description of the data:

The live data-feed that we offer to replicate the MusicBrainz data is a slight exception to the rules above, since both Public Domain data and Creative Commons data (see below) are intermingled in the data update packets. Given that the highest common license denominator needs to be applied to these data packets, the Creative Commons license governs the live update data feeds.

To get the freely available Public Domain data, please download a data snapshot from the download page.

Creative Commons Licensed Data


The remaining portions of the MusicBrainz data are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 license. This allows non commercial use of the MusicBrainz data as long as MusicBrainz is given credit and that derivative works (works based on MusicBrainz CC licensed data) are also made available under the same license. For more information on the Creative Commons and their licenses, please refer to the Creative Commons home page.

The Creative Commons licensed data portions are: (The SQL tablenames are shown in parenthesis after the description of the data)

  • Release metadata tables (album_amazon_asin, albummeta)
  • Search indexes (wordlist, artistwords, albumwords, trackwords)
  • Annotations (annotation)
  • Statistics (currentstat, historicalstat, stats, puidjoin_stat, puid_stat, trmjoin_stat, trm_stat)
  • Edits (automod_election, moderation_note_open, moderation_open, moderator, vote_open)
  • Closed moderations (moderation_closed, moderation_note_closed, vote_closed)
  • Live data-feed -- see section below
  • Artist relationships (artist_relation) (data provided by Agent Arts)

To get the Creative Commons licensed data, please download a data snapshot from the DatabaseDownload page.

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