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This is a list of mentions of MusicBrainz in the press and in blogs. Note: this is not an exhaustive list. There are many other mentions of MusicBrainz around the web!

This page can benefit from permanent maintainers and/or from casual help. Have you spotted an article or significant blog entry about MusicBrainz that isn't listed here? Feel free to add it! Do you want to routinely look for mentions and add them? Let us know!

News stories and articles


2021-06-03: The EFF Deeplinks blog covers MusicBrainz as part of their "Public Interest Internet" series


2019-06-25: Cory Doctorow writes about "How Metabrainz stood up to a predatory copyright lawsuit and won"


2013-01: Article in dutch computer magazine Computer!Totaal about MusicBrainz Picard 1.1, File:computer.totaal.2013-02.musicbrainz.picard.pdf.


2012-01-11: Jess Hemerly conducted a year-long study of MusicBrainz as her final project for MIMS 2011. In that time she also interviewed Robert Kaye


2011-12-21: Mobiletuts+ article Build a MusicBrainz App shows how to create a mobile application using the MusicBrainz API.

2011-07-31: PCWorld covers using Picard to organize your music library.


2010-03-01: Music based community site So☆Rock! (now Anusaya) publishes an article describing what MusicBrainz is.


2009-11-16: Music search engine SEMSIX launches globally, powered in part by MusicBrainz.

2009-10-29: Wendy Hall & Nigel Shadbolt write about MusicBrainz in the context of the web of linked data.

2009-08-29: Gavin Stuart of geeks.co.uk talks with Robert Kaye about MusicBrainz, the forthcoming schema release and the philosophy of MB.

2009-07-02: Geoffrey A. Fowler of the Wall Street Journal reviews Picard and compares it to the commercial TuneUp application.

2009-05-25: An article at Spanish technology portal VNUNET talks about using Picard to edit MP3 metadata. (in Spanish)

2009-04-21: Karl Hodge of Tech Radar recommends using MusicBrainz Picard in his guide to cleaning up your iTunes library.

2009-01-21: Tim Ferguson (via silicon.com) writes in BusinessWeek about the BBC's semantic web technology and its use of the MusicBrainz "open source 'metadatabase' " to enable its technology and reduce its licensing costs.

2008 and earlier

2008-09-15: Joseph Tartakoff of the San Francisco Chronicle talks to Robert Kaye about MusicBrainz Picard as a competitor to Tune-Up.

2007-12-27: David Shamah of newsgeek.com, writing for The Jerusalem Post, talks about using MusicBrainz and Picard to tag unknown mp3s correctly.

2007-11-06: French magazine Numerama releases a detailed article comparing existing Music Databases (Last.fm, Discogs, AllMusic, RateYourMusic, MusicBrainz, Wikipedia). (in French)

2005-06-07: Punto Informatico, an Italian "internet daily," has a detailed review of the Windows Tagger that also mentions the MusicBrainz Picard. (In italiano)

2005-06-05: The Washington Post includes a short review of the Windows Tagger in their Personal Tech column.

2005-04-19: Barrapunto, the "Spanish Slashdot," covers the MetaBrainz launch. (in Spanish)

2005-04-19: Netzwelt.de covers the MetaBrainz launch (in German) (via archive.org)

2005-03-21: The Wall Street Journal mentions MusicBrainz in an article on music metadata.

2004-08-24: A review of MusicBrainz in Micro Hebdo. (in French)

2004-07-16: French computer magazine Clubic has a review of the MusicBrainz Tagger as an alternative to MoodLogic. (in French)

2004-07-13: French open-source software site Framasoft.net has a review of the MusicBrainzTagger. (in French)

2004-07-06: Wired News has a "puff piece" on Gracenote quoting Robert Kaye's criticisms and mentioning MusicBrainz as an alternative.

2004-05-27: Barrapunto, the "Spanish Slashdot", has an item on the KDE mediaplayer JuK and its use of MusicBrainz. (in Spanish)

2003-10-03: Perl.com has an article about using MusicBrainz lookup functions in perl scripts.

2003-07-21: Wired News has an article on Muse.net that mentions MusicBrainz.

2003-02-27: Wired News has an article on MusicBrainz following up on the launch.

2003-02-18: Russian magazine Компьютерра–Онлайн (Computerra Online) has an article on MusicBrainz. (in Russian)

2003-02-12: Articles about the MusicBrainz launch appear in PC Magazine (Ziff Davis) and Slashdot, as well as German sites nickles.de and Pro-Linux.de. (in German)

2002-12-01: IBM developerWorks has an article about MusicBrainz that focuses on the Metadata Initiative.

2002-08-01: Entrepreneur Magazine's August issue covers the Semantic Web in the article 'Arguing Semantics' and mentions MusicBrainz as an example application; Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2002, pp. 19-20.

2002-02-12: Our own Aaron Swartz wrote an article: "MusicBrainz: A Semantic Web Service" for IEEE Intelligent Systems Journal, Jan-Feb 2002, pp. 76-77. (via archive.org)

2001-11-10: Newsforge covers MusicBrainz in their Open Source alive and well at O'Reilly P2P conference article. (via archive.org)

2001-05-24: C-NET News covers the Roxio suit and mentions MusicBrainz as one of the Gracenote alternatives.

2000-10-20: Wired News mentions MusicBrainz in their Taking Stock of the Music Scene article. (via archive.org)

Blog items


2017-06-18: Robert Kaye was interviewed by Paul Brown ahead of the KDE Akademy 2017.


2012-03-12: VMware Fusion Blog talks about VMware Fusion “critical” in helping Musicbrainz.org build the ultimate encyclopedia of music.


2011-11-24: Lastfm announces that they've started using MusicBrainz data again, that would allow them to e.g. better handle artist disambiguation.

2011-11-22: CompMusic, a research project funded by the European Research Council, describes and explains how they use MusicBrainz

2011-07-17: Brenna Ehrlich talks about GoRankem, a crowd-sourced mashup with MusicBrainz data that deals with ratings and recommendations.

2011-06-24: Nat Torkington mentions Echoprint, EchoNest and MusicBrainz's new open source fingerprinting initiative.

2011-02-21: Martin Belam's talks about MusicBrainz ID and api in Guardian SXSW festival guide published using linked open data


2010-08-25: A detailed blog post in 2 parts (part 1, part 2) explaining how to tags audio files using MusicBrainz Picard.


2009-11-27: Open Knowledge Foundation blog publishes an interview with Robert Kaye talking about origins of the project, reasons for choosing open licenses, the role of community and future of MusicBrainz.

2009-07-07: Tuxradar.com publishes a guide to organise your music with Picard.

2009-05-24: Jason Fitzpatrick of lifehacker.com nominates Picard as one of their "Six Best MP3 Tagging Tools".

2009-04-16: Eliot van Buskirk of wired.com reports on MacroVision's purchase of Muze, discussing the effect this may have on support for open-source community metadata providers such as MusicBrainz.

2009-04-06: Jemima Kiss of The Guardian talks to BBC's Matthew Shorter on opening up BBC Music and its use and integration with MusicBrainz.

2009-02-18: Marc Hibbins talks about BBC's work on integrating and exposing semantic data and points out the value of MusicBrainz unique identifers.


2008-10-28: Creative Commons' blog publishes an interview with Robert Kaye talking about CreativeCommons usage in MusicBrainz, community projects and the future of MusicBrainz.

2008-09-02: Andrea James from the Seattle Post Intelligencer talks about the launch of Amazon's SoundUnwound service using MusicBrainz data.

2008-07-28: Matthew Shorter talks about the launch of BBC's Dynamic Artist Pages beta program and its use of MusicBrainz identifers and data.

2008-07-04: Rob Pegoraro, of the Washington Post mentions MusicBrainz, Picard and iEatBrainz in a column Q&A on tagging music files with unknown artist names and tracks.

2005 and earlier

2005-04-19: Joi Ito talks about the launch of the MetaBrainz Foundation.

2005-03-28: Christopher Schmidt talks about using MusicBrainz with the MeNow project.

2004-10-23: Brian Alger's Cybersphere blog has an item on MusicBrainz and Ethnomusicology. (via archive.org)

2004-10-13: Mike Linksvayer of Creative Commons publishes two posts about MusicBrainz.

2004-03-20: Japanese blog OTO-NETA has an item on MusicBrainz. (in Japanese)

2004-03-20: Creative Commons' blog posts an entry announcing MusicBrainz for OS X support with the release of the iEatBrainz tagger.

2003-09-22: Leigh Dodd's Lost Boy blog notes his release of a beta-1 Java API for MusicBrainz.

2003-03-07: Joi Ito's Web publishes a blog post about Robert Kaye and MusicBrainz.

2003-02-18: The Flexistentialism blog publishes a brief introduction to MusicBrainz.

2003-02-11: Gordon Mohr of Bitzi analyzes the MusicBrainz launch on his O'Reilly Developer blog.

2003-01-28: Musician Lisa Rein's blog mentions Robert Kaye and MusicBrainz in an article on Ogg Vorbis.

Press releases

See MetaBrainz press releases.

2003-02-11: MusicBrainz' first press release covered the official MusicBrainz launch and the related artist dataset that was contributed by Agent Arts.

2000-09-06: Relatable announces the release of its TRM technology and its integration with MusicBrainz.