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The following are short biographies of the people responsible for creating, maintaining, and developing MusicBrainz, as well as certain members of the community worthy of honorable mention.
There are developers who write the software for the web site and client applications, system administrators who keep the servers running, style editors who edit the style guidelines, and last—but definitely not least—all the users who add to and improve the accuracy of the data itself, and it is their combined efforts that have helped make MusicBrainz into what it is today.
== Current MusicBrainz Developers and Minions ==
|name=Robert Kaye
|bio=Since 2000, Robert Kaye has made MusicBrainz his career and passion. As the founder of MusicBrainz as well as the Executive Director of the [http://metabrainz.org/about/ MetaBrainz Foundation], Rob spends his time working tirelessly on improving the digital audio experience. [[User:RobertKaye/OfficialBio|Read more]]…
|name=Michael Wiencek
|bio=Michael is a member of the MusicBrainz development team. He develops stuff.
|name=Nicolás Tamargo
|bio=Nicolás is a [[Style Council|Style Leader]], Wiki Warden, support mail guy and occasional small-scale developer. When he's not working for MusicBrainz, he can be found editing MusicBrainz or voting in MusicBrainz.
|name=Lukáš Lalinský
|bio=Lukáš is one of the heads of [[MusicBrainz Picard]]. He has also contributed heavily to the MusicBrainz code, and develops [http://acoustid.org/ AcoustID], the open fingerprinting method used by MusicBrainz.
== Alumni and Emeriti==
|name=Ian McEwen
|bio=Ian became Hired MusicBrainz Developer #3 in fall, 2012. He worked on musicbrainz-server, primarily, as well as doing various sysadmin work and smaller projects.
|bio=Nikki was in charge of breaking the new code before the users did, and making sure the members of the [[Style Council]] didn’t kill each other over how to capitalize Klingon. She's a contributor to, amongst other projects, [[Wikipedia:Wikidata|Wikidata]] and [[Wikipedia:OpenStreetMap|OpenStreetmap]]. She still, as far as I know, spends her time buying Japanese CDs and looking at kittens.
|name=Paul Taylor
|bio=Paul developed the [http://www.jthink.net/jaikoz/ Jaikoz tagger], and he was also MusicBrainz’s [[Text_Search_Syntax|search dude]].
|name=Rachel Evans
|bio=Rachel used to be the primary maintainer of the various MusicBrainz servers ([http://musicbrainz.org/mrtg/ stats]). She can be found lurking on the IRC channels, and despite having stepped down ages ago, she's still the go-to person when things are seriously messed up.
|name=Oliver Charles
|image=5935 264110175594 644300594 8483384 4686060 n.jpg
|bio=Oliver was the first developer hired by MusicBrainz, after a successful Summer of Code project in 2008. He played a large part in the development of the Next Generation Schema. His tenure at MusicBrainz ended in 2013.
|name=Kuno Woudt
|bio=Kuno was the second developer that Rob hired to make MusicBrainz work. While he's no longer in the payroll, he sticks around giving a hand when he has some free time from all his real-working and videogame-playing.
|name=Pavan Chander
|bio=Pavan wanders around nitpicking and tweaking everything he sees.
|name=Aurélien Mino
|bio=Besides being one of our top editors, Aurélien has also worked on the [[MusicBrainz Server]] and was the co-maintainer of the search server. In addition to numerous small fixes and improvements, he has notably added the following features: [[Rating System|Ratings]], ''Subscriptions to editors''.
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