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The People Behind MusicBrainz

The following are short biographies of some of the people behind MusicBrainz. There are developers who write the software for the web site and client applications, system administrators who keep the servers running, style moderators who edit the style guidelines, and editors who add to and improve the accuracy of the data itself, but all of them contribute their efforts to help make MusicBrainz work better for everyone.

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Robert is the founder and lead developer for MusicBrainz, and President and Executive Director of the MetaBrainz Foundation, the non-profit organization that pays the bills for MusicBrainz.
Robert is a die hard MP3 fan dedicated to improving the digital audio experience. After studying Computer Engineering at Cal Poly he joined Xing Technology where he was part of the MP3 team and served as the development manager for the AudioCatalyst project. While at EMusic, Robert worked on the Zinf (formerly FreeAmp) and Obsequeiuem projects, in addition to working on MusicBrainz. Robert is currently self-employed doing contract programming work here and there.
In addition to sporting a variety of colorful hairstyles, Robert is also a tireless developer for MusicBrainz. If you like the work that Robert has done and would like to help him continue doing his work, please consider contributing to his personal tipjar or buy him something off his wishlist.

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Dave is the primary maintainer of the MusicBrainz servers (stats) developing most of the server software for them, and making sure that they continue to run smoothly.
After a BSc in mathematics at Southampton University, Dave first worked for Watford Electronics before moving on to Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), where he coded in C against Ingres, Informix and Oracle databases. Dave then went to work for Transatlantic Software, where he gained experience in SQL Server and UNIX before working on database-driven web sites written in Perl. Since December 2000 Dave has worked for Power Internet where he specialises in implementing web sites using Apache and mod_perl on Linux.
Dave found MusicBrainz in July 2002 (and then promptly lost it again until October). Although somewhat rusty through lack of practice, he can still play the violin. Just about.