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This page answers FrequentlyAskedQuestions about accounts and forgotten login information.

If that still doesn't help, please find us in one of the MusicBrainzForums or via the contact page. If you would like to update the content of this page on the wiki, feel free to do so but please do not add questions without answers.


Do I have to provide an email address?

You do not need to provide an email address, unless you want to modify the contents of the database. From this point on, a verified email address is required to facilitate communication with other MusicBrainz editors.

Why should I provide my email address?

If you enter your email address (See the official MusicBrainz Privacy Policy):

  • You will be able to enter changes into the database (See EditTypes).
  • Other editors will be able to send messages using the "Send email to Editor" function.
  • You will be notified when EditNotes are added to your Edits.
  • You will have the option to subscribe to the artists you like, and MusicBrainz will send you a daily list of edits entered against them.

In all cases your email address will not be revealed to other MusicBrainz users.

What about privacy?

Rest assured that we will not pass your email address on to anyone, including other MusicBrainz users, without your most explicit consent. At any time you can fill in your email address if it's currently blank, blank it if it's currently filled in, or change from one address to another. Read on for the full MusicBrainz Privacy Policy.

We will not send you any newsletters, promotional mailings, etc. If you're interested in that, please subscribe to our mailing lists.

I think I know my login name but I've forgotten my password. Can I retrieve it?

If you've previously entered and confirmed your email address, then use the Forgot your password? link.

Otherwise, please see the answer to the next question, "Why won't the web site accept my login name and password?"

Why won't the web site accept my login name and password?

Please send us an email providing as much of the following information as accurately as possible:

  • your username (or as much as you can remember of it)
  • your password (or as much as you can remember of it)
  • the email address you registered with
  • when you registered
  • when you last successfully logged in
  • when you last tried and failed to log in

With that information we'll be able to look into the problem and help you.

How do I delete my account?

You can't completely delete your account. We need to keep at least the information that an account existed at some point, so that the database is kept consistent. However, you can remove your personal information from an account:

That way all your personal information is removed from your account, and you've effectively "locked" the account (by giving it an almost impossibly complex password).

If you like we can also rename the account to something like "deleted account #1234". If you want us to do this, then follow the above instructions except:

  • Set the "bio" text of the account to "Please delete this account" (or similar)
  • Email us, telling us that you'd like your account to be deleted, and tell us the name of the account. We'll email you back to let you know when it's done.

Is there any Code of Conduct or rules?

Yes, there is a CodeOfConduct and it applies to all users of MusicBrainz including Editors and AutoEditors