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Artists with Arabic Names or Works with Titles in Arabic

The following is a partial list of InternationalArtists whose names are Arabic, or who have works with titles in Arabic. If you can read and write Arabic, please consider adding these artists to your ArtistSubscriptions so that you can be notified when there are additions or changes to their discographies, and you can check them for errors. If you know of other Arabic artists not listed here, please add them.

  • = please add the above title in arabic = please add the above text in arabic too

This list of artists is sorted by ArtistSortName, which is a Latin alphabet sort. It would be better to have them sorted in a Arabic alphabetic sort; please change this if you are familiar with Arabic alphabetic order (sorting them by last/family name first, if one is given).  


If you add the Arabic artist names to this list, please add them as ArtistAliases as well. There is a useful list of arabic characters that can be helpful in entering the names.

Um, if this is Elissa Khoury, then her name is with a ya. I am not sure I did the unicode thing right though. see http://www.3arabiavideo.com/singers/elissa.html --DonRedman 
  • I don't know if she is Elissa Khoury, though that is probably the case. The last name (Khoury) ends with a ya, but the first name of Elissa definitely ends with alef; see the cover art for the album Baddy Doub. In any case, I think we should try to keep the entries in this list and the MB artists in sync; given that the (existing) artist entry was for Elissa (only) I have changed her listing here to that form (I've added the Khoury forms in Roman and Arabic as ArtistAliases). @alex

Author: @alex