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Note: this is an experimental page - I'm wondering if we should add really basic documentation like this as a) part of a reference manual and b) a place to index all the other documentation related to a topic like this. --MatthewExon

An artist is generally a musician, group of musicians, or other music professional contributing to the works described in the MusicBrainzDatabase. As the MusicBrainz project evolves, so does the definition of "artist", so that now the artist table is used to hold everything from publishing companies to music industry lawyers (see MiscellaneousProductionRelationshipType). In general, however, artists are people who sing or play instruments.

Information about artists stored in the database

The following pages describe various bits of information you can store against an artist:

  • ArtistName: the name of the artist
  • ArtistAlias: alternate names for the artist, including possible typos
  • SortName: alternate form of the name used in search results
  • ArtistComment: field to distinguish between identically named artists
  • ArtistAnnotation: general information about the artist that may be of interest to other users
  • ArtistType: used to distinguish between indiduals and groups
  • DateOfBirth / FormationDate: the same field is used, but is interpreted differently for bands and individuals
  • DateOfDeath / BreakupDate: again, the same field is used, but is interpreted differently for bands and individuals

Many other kinds of information can be represented using AdvancedRelationships. See AdvancedRelationshipTypes for more information.

Editing artists

Any MusicBrainz user can edit artists in several ways: