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A "performance name" is an alias used by a musician (not to be confused with the MusicBrainz term, "[[Artist Alias|artist alias]]"), for marketing or other reasons.  A particular person may have several performance names, and might also release material under their [[Legal Name|legal name]].
For this reason, it's sometimes necessary to create multiple separate artist entries for the same person in the database.
* [[Same Artist With Different Names|SameArtistWithDifferentNames]] contains details about how and when to use performance names and [[Legal Name|legal names]].
* Note that only individual people have [[Legal Name|legal names]], not bands.
* [[Artist:8a338e06-d182-46f2-bd16-30a09bc840ba|Elvis Costello]] is the performance name of [[Artist:4d3924ac-7dc4-4632-9058-553119d6b951|Declan Patrick MacManus]].
* [[Artist:7f347782-eb14-40c3-98e2-17b6e1bfe56c|Bono]] is the performance name of [[Artist:7ec00194-c4d0-4532-835e-1077ca2869fc|Paul David Hewson]].
* [[Artist:f22942a1-6f70-4f48-866e-238cb2308fbd|Aphex Twin]], [[Artist:87225a21-c925-41cd-852f-be4b052d0824|AFX]] and [[Artist:bc1fd2f7-1ecf-46d1-9ca6-47b7d7880c4d|Caustic Window]] are all performance names of [[Artist:79a09151-f6cc-48f9-9907-3fdd0b68373f|Richard David James]].
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