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An Artist annotation is user contributed text attached to a specific artist entry.

{i} You may consult either the Annotation or Artist page for general informations about them.

Artist annotation content

Idea.png An artist annotation may hold any information about an artist that does not fit into the fields of the database. The following uses are suggested:

  • Trivia
  • Historical facts: birthplaces / founding places, biographies
  • Additional disambiguation: identically named artists are usually distinguished thanks to a short artist comment. Sometimes, though, it may be useful to provide additional information, or special warnings.
  • Miscellaneous editing warnings or informations: clean-up status, TODO list...
  • Genre information
  • Notes about special handling of this artist and/or facts avoiding common mistakes: for example, links to releases that cannot be found easily or are known under different names
  • Related works that cannot be linked using AdvancedRelationships, like works dedicated to this artist (not to be confused with tributes)
  • This list is not exhaustive: you may use an artist annotation for pretty much anything you can think of - as long as it matches the purpose of Annotations, and relates to the artist entry to which it's attached.

{X} You mustn't add copyrighted content copied from other resources, be they online or printed. More generally, you really shouldn't copy/paste any kind of content, unless it's purely factual.

Artist annotation style

At that time there is no official (neither recommended) style for artist annotations. We may later propose such a style guide if there is really a need for it.