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The artist disambiguation comment is a field in the database used to help users distinguish between [[Identically Named Artists|identically named artists]].
==Additional information==
You will be prompted to enter a comment any time you enter a new artist which shares a name with an existing artist.
The artist disambiguation comment will appear in the search results next to each name: so, ideally, the comment should be kept fairly short. A few words is normally enough, just enough that someone reading it will recognize the artist they're looking for. The comment field is ''not'' a place to store general background information about the artist: that kind of information should go in the [[Artist Annotation|ArtistAnnotation]].
Note that the system will automatically prompt you to enter a comment for the new artist, but not for the old one. To make the search results a little clearer, it's a good idea to go back and enter a comment for the old artist as well. This can be done on the [[Edit Artist Page|EditArtistPage]] of the old artist.
In order to distinguish between [http://musicbrainz.org/artist/593abf14-4292-4d62-b365-79c7674cd1a5.html Randy Jackson], brother of Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson, and [http://musicbrainz.org/artist/39828c81-cc39-4e8a-8e00-f0874c657d47.html Randy Jackson], former bassist with Journey, we use artist disambiguation comments. The former has comment "Brother of Michael and Janet." while the latter has "Former bassist with Journey".
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