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Use of Artist Credits

This page describes the use of Artist Credits, and gives examples. It is not a style guideline.

That said, there are better and worse uses for Artist Credits.

  1. Use to indicate collaborations (when possible)
  2. Use to indicate variations in an artist's name
    These variations do not include

How to Edit

Name Variation

Entering the Release Editor
Accessing the Artist Credit tool

To change how an Artist is credited on a particular release

  • Enter the Release Editor
  • Use the ">>" arrow beside the Artist's name to view the Artist Credit tool
  • Edit only the "Artist as credited" field (not the green "Artist" field)
    • Be careful not to include leading and trailing "white spaces"


To create a collaboration Artist Credit

  • Enter the Release Editor
  • Use the ">>" arrow beside the Artist's name to view the Artist Credit tool
  • Use the "Add Artist Credit" button to add one or more Artists to the collaboration
    • you can (of course) use "name variations" (see above) for the artists in a collaboration
    • "join phrases" might include words and/or punctuation as they appear on the release, but note: the style guidelines include specific guidelines for "featured" artists in popular music.
    • as you add Artists and "join phrases", a preview will be generated by the Artist Credit tool. Check carefully for correct spacing before submitting your edit.
    • adding a "join phrase" after the last Artist can be done by adding an additional "empty" artist field to the collaboration

Splitting Existing Collaboration Artists

Prior to NGS, collaborations were often entered using the Collaboration Relationship. If you find an existing collaboration that you feel could be better represented as an Artist Credit, see How_To_Split_Artists.


Name Variation
Simple Collaborations
Simple Collaborations in a language that inflect nouns to indicate association.
Controversial use of "join phrases" to more closely match the "as on cover" credits

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