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#REDIRECT [[Edit#Auto-edits]]
An AutoEdit is an automatically approved edit. Such an edit does not go to a vote: that is, the change is immediately applied, and the [[Edit]] is marked as approved (using an <small>Autoedit</small> notice). The [[Edit Type|EditType]] page details which edits are applied as AutoEdits. Basically, EditType<code><nowiki></nowiki></code>s that do not result in a possible [[Loss Of Data|LossOfData]] are AutoEdit<code><nowiki></nowiki></code>s for [[Auto-Editor|AutoEditor]]<code><nowiki></nowiki></code>s (i.e. most edits apart from [[Remove Release Edit|RemoveReleaseEdit]], [[Merge Releases Edit|MergeReleasesEdit]], [[Merge Artists Edit|MergeArtistsEdit]] etc.)
The only Edits which are automatically applied for users with normal priviledges are:
* [[Add TR Ms Edit|AddTRMsEdit]] - Submitting [[TRM]]s with the [[Classic Tagger|ClassicTagger]].
* [[Add PUI Ds Edit|AddPUIDsEdit]] - Submitting [[PUID]]s with the [[Picard Tagger|PicardTagger]].
* [[Add Disc ID Edit|AddDiscIDEdit]] - By looking up a unknown disc with the [[Classic Tagger|ClassicTagger]] or [[Picard Tagger|PicardTagger]].
* Name or Title edits that only change the case or accents.
* [[Add Artist Annotation Edit|AddArtistAnnotationEdit]]
* [[Add Release Annotation Edit|AddReleaseAnnotationEdit]]
* [[Remove Artist Edit|RemoveArtistEdit]]
While it may seem surprising that [[Remove Artist Edit|RemoveArtistEdit]] is an AutoEdit, MusicBrainz only allows artists with ''no'' releases, relationships and [[Non-Album Tracks|NonAlbumTracks]] associated with them to be removed, so the only data that might be lost are the artist name and sortname, and its aliases.
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