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Nomination and Election of new AutoEditors

In the Editing Introduction on the MusicBrainz main pages there is a slightly out of date description of the nomination process. Right now it happens as follows:

  1. Any AutoEditor can nominate any Editor with normal priviledges to be promoted to the AutoEditor status.
  2. The nominated editor must then be seconded by two other AutoEditors.
  3. Once seconded twice, the other AutoEditors have one week to vote on the promotion of the endorsed AutoEditor. A simple majority is required to be promoted.
  4. There are three voting options: "yes," "no," and "abstain."

Any editor who nominates or seconds a candidate cannot vote in the election itself.

All this happens at AutoEditor Election on the main server. There you can see the details of all current and previous elections (or at least, the ones which started since those pages were created). If you are an AutoEditor, please participate in the ongoing elections.

If you are an AutoEditor:

  1. To start a new election, go the the "Profile" page of the user you want to nominate, and click the "Nominate for AutoEditor" link
  2. To second a candidate, go to the election page, click through to the details page for the candidate you'd like to support, then click the "Second" button
  3. To vote in an election, go to the election detail page and click one of the voting buttons.

When each election starts (i.e., a new candidate is proposed), if/when voting opens, and when voting closes, the system will post a message to the AutomodsMailingList, describing what is going on, and providing relevant web links; this list should also be used for discussion of the nomination (only).