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Early life

Aidas Arciakov[1] (born 24 February 1999), better known by his stage name Axdas , is a songwriter and vocalist based in the Royal Borough of Greenwich [2] South East London. Axdas was born in a small town based in the centre of Lithuania, Kedainiai. Axdas's first foray into music began at school where he played the piano in local Kedainiai events. Whilst growing up his family, and in particular, his friend, introduced him to urban culture as well as hip-hop and alternatives genres of music and during his teens, it became his most prominent genre of interest.


His work in this space ultimately resulted in him befriending and collaborating with rapper Shojon[3]. A Shojon is credited with giving Axdas his first mainstream moment by bringing the 16 year old Axdas on many interviews and shots of music videos but particularly on to recording session at SP Studios[4]. Around this time he also released his first Alternative RnB single “Rest In Peace” [5]

Whilst working together with That SP Studios, Axdas spent the last few years studying the structures of songwriting, photography, videography, record engineering while at the same time working Full time job. During past several years he has appeared on 2019 TV series South Beast [6] During the challenging pandemic of COVID-19, he also has announced an upcoming very first alternatives album which is expected to be titled as Your Soul Belongs To Me [7]. The upcoming exclusive album will contain several songs about how hard he was dealing with his past 7 years of very intense mental and physical as well as spiritual wellbeing, while being left completely alone. Axdas had announced that the album is expected to be released in September 2021.



  • 2021: “Your Soul Belongs To Me" [8] [9]


  • 2020: "Rest In Peace" [10]
  • 2021: “Soul” [11]



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