Band With Main Performer Name

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This is a special construct where a band has the name of the main performer - or the PerformanceName of the main performing artist.

In most cases well known solo artists have some SupportingMusicians - then they are to be added with the SupportingMusicianRelationshipType.

Sometimes they explicitly call themselves bands though or are recognized as bands by the fans. In this case it is common to create an artist for the band and an identically named artist for the main performer who is then to be linked to the band (with the MemberOfBandRelationshipType). The releases go under the band artist normally (there are other cases though). If the name is a PerformanceName of the main performer then also an artist for the LegalName is created and linked to the PerformanceName with the PerformanceNameRelationshipType.

Also note that Member Of Band Relationship Type says not to link LegalNames as members of bands.

Non-exhaustive list of such bands