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* [[artist:793309c7-f4aa-4d3a-8a60-aba7427f1a1d|Alfred Gehardt]]
* [[artist:793309c7-f4aa-4d3a-8a60-aba7427f1a1d|Alfred Gehardt]]
* [[artist:85de52f3-3a59-430b-95d0-9f57b2831a3b|Pierre Narrato]]
* [[artist:85de52f3-3a59-430b-95d0-9f57b2831a3b|Pierre Narrato]]
* [[artist:947535ae-22b8-400c-9c25-f3ad93233c98|Benjamin Yadin]]
==== Ensembles ====
==== Ensembles ====

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Lists of Musicbrainz entities used in the recordings of Alfred Scholz

See Budget recordings of Alfred Scholz.


Some imprints are used almost exclusively for Scholz recordings. Conversely, if your release is on a bona fide label such as DG, Decca, EMI, Phillips and so on, you will never find Scholz recordings. However there are some reissue labels - Brilliant Classics is an example - where recordings with correct and fake attributions may be present on the same release, which can be confusing.

  • Point
  • PILZ, including the Vienna Master Series
  • LaserLight Digital
  • Excelsior
  • Orbis
  • De Agostini
  • Selected Sound Carrier
  • Delta
  • Onyx
  • Madacy
  • Intersound
  • Best Direct
  • Intervox

Real artists, names used (possibly) fraudulently

A few of these may in fact be the actual artists behind the music. In many cases the names are simply appropriated.

“Fake” artists

Some of these are possibly real. More research is needed.